Juniors engage in tie dye extravaganza


Julia Gastwirth

Every year after the seniors leave, the junior girls wake up early and wear their tie-dye shirts to school and take pictures in the parking lot. It is their way of welcoming the idea of becoming seniors.
This year’s juniors formed a Facebook group with 222 girls, all given the option to order a T-shirt to tie dye. The groups split up into separate sections. If you happened to walk into the parking lot at 7:30, you would see a total of six different groups of girls taking pictures. The girls divided into their own friend groups for the pictures.
Some of the most popular pictures were taken on junior Shaye Smith’s jeep. Some of the groups had pictures either sitting on top of it or standing in front of it. “I had no idea that so many people were going to take pictures with it; it surprised me,” Smith said.
The idea was started over 15 years ago and the tradition stands strong. “We want to carry on tradition, we were looking forward to it for a while and it was so much fun,” junior Ashley Pineda said.
The seniors presented the event in high fashion in previous years. “I remember seeing the seniors do it last year and it looked like so much fun so when it was our turn we made sure we had fun,” Pineda said.
Most of the tie dying was done a week prior to the event, a lot of it happening on Memorial Day weekend. “We worked on our shirts a week before. Our group got together and just made one big batch of dye,” Smith said.
The tie dye did not go as planned. “We ended messing up with tie dye because it bled when we put it in the wash and changed the white to pink. The red and blue mixed and became purple,” junior Taylor Weitz said.
A new idea was presented. “I feel like guys should be included as well, they are transitioning into senior year as well, I think it would make the whole event a lot more fun and create more attention towards it,” junior Myah Owens said.
Not only girls showed up. “I came to take pictures with some of my friends. I think if more guys came it would have been way more fun,” junior Joseph Montesano said.
The shirts were able to sell quickly as almost 150 people ended up wearing the shirts to school and representing the senior class.

Grant Saylor

Staff Writer