The Wharfs Newest Hotspot: Gordon Ramsay’s Fish and Chips


Photo by Shreyas Jindal

Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant opens locally.

The Wharf at D.C. opened its newest hotspot, Gordon Ramsey’s Fish and Chips last October. This is one of two Gordon Ramsay restaurants that opened up at The Wharf, with Hell’s Kitchen being the other and opening in January. “I went to Hells Kitchen in Las Vegas with my family and I went to Fish and Chips a week ago., when it comes to the price point, I would much rather prefer Fish and Chips, but when it comes to the quality of the food I would honestly say it’s very similar. They both amazed me and I can’t wait for the new Hell’s Kitchen coming to the Wharf,” Junior Anthony Johnson said.

Ramsay’s first fish and chips restaurant launched in Las Vegas. Ever since then, it has been a raging success, opening up locations in D.C., Orlando, and soon in New York. Ramsay is a television personality and a 16-star Michelin chef. The chef was brought up in England but is of Scottish descent.

Ramsey aspired to be a professional soccer player first but after an injury, he took up cooking as a hobby and it turned into his lifestyle. In 1993, he became the head chef at the Aubergine in London; since then he has opened up restaurants from Singapore to the United States.

The mile-long waterfront “The Wharf” is home to restaurants and shops, and the music hall “Anthem.” The menu offers an authentic British style with fish and chips, shrimp, chicken, and Ramsey’s signature biscoff and sticky toffee milkshakes. The combo prices are between $14.99 and $18.99. While it is pricey, the custard battered cod and dirty fries are a must try.
“I went a few weeks ago and I was more than impressed. The fish was great and the fries were so good. I also really liked the signature Gordon Ramsay tartar sauce,” junior Omar Jobe said.

I had the chance to check the place out and it was amazing. When I arrived after walking along the beautiful waterfront the red and blue British colors popped out. Most of the seats outside were filled with families and people enjoying the cuisine. Inside as soon as you step in, the smell of fresh fish hits you, even though Ramsay’s is a popular restaurant wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be. When the food arrived it was the best feeling; the fish and chips were hot and fresh and were accompanied by Ramsay’s tartar sauce, which made it taste 10 times better.

Anyone who lives in the DMV area knows the traffic and problems of driving in D.C. “Even though the D.C. rush can be hectic and the parking is mayhem, I would go through that to get some fish and chips. I really liked the place and would check it out again in the future for sure,” junior Kasra Dokhaee said.