Blockbuster movies look to make big boom this summer


Madeline Reiter

As the school year draws to a close, students are itching for summer and the benefits that go along with it. One such benefit is the resurrection of summer blockbuster movies. Students at this school are in for an especially action-packed and exhilirating lineup of movies this summer and should get excited for what’s to come in the next few months. Here’s a rundown of the most anticipated films of the 2017 summer.
Wonder Woman: After her show-stealing role in 2016’s Batman v. Superman, Gal Gadot will finally get in a long-awaited solo film starring as the iconic heroine, Wonder Woman. Students at this school, especially female ones, are ready for this movie since it marks the first time that a woman superhero gets her own widely-released motion picture. “I’m super excited to see a female hero get her own movie. I hope it’s really good,” sophomore Rachel Han said.
Directed by the accomplished Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman promises gritty action in the setting of World War I along with beautiful imagery of the superheroine’s home island Themyscira. Wonder Woman came out on June 2.
Cars 3: It’s been six long years since the last movie in the Cars franchise was released, which utterly flopped and disappointed fans across the world. Pixar Studios is looking to redeem itself in the summer of 2017 with its newest installment in the Cars universe, Cars 3. After a shocking first trailer that depicted beloved character Lightning McQueen being battered during a race, Cars 3 seems to have taken a darker and more serious tone than the previous films in the franchise. Cars 3 comes out on June 16.
Spider-Man: Homecoming: Another case of a memorable appearance in another film, Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man in last year’s Captain America: Civil War warranted the production of a return to the Spider-Man mythology in his own film. Fans of the character are looking forward to the comeback of Spidey as well. “I hope that this re-installment of Spider-Man pays off in a big way. But I believe in Marvel Studios,” sophomore Zack Cassidy said.
As Marvel Studios’ first attempt at a Spider-Man film due to the character being owned by Sony Studios for over 10 years, Spider-Man: Homecoming stars Tom Holland in the titular role as well as Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark who serves as a mentor to Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out on July 7.
Dunkirk: Perhaps the most dramatic film of the summer, versatile director Christopher Nolan looks to expose a wide audience to a unknown event of World War II, the evacuation of over 300,000 Allied troops from Dunkirk, France. This film is one to take notice of with its action sequences and a staggering lineup of actors. Not to mention, it marks the film debut of former One Direction member Harry Styles, which encourages some fans of the singer to check out a film they would otherwise ignore. “I’m looking forward to this movie because I’m a fan of both Styles and Nolan,” sophomore Kayla Choi said. Dunkirk comes out July 21.
The evidence is unmistakable; this year’s summer movies are going to be memorable. To all students who are looking something to do this summer, check out your local theater for the newest releases.

James Barberis

Arts Editor