Choosing between East Coast and West Coast schools


Photo courtesy Bailey Golub

Senior Bailey Golub visits the University of California in Berkeley. Located on the West Coast, it is one of the most prestigious schools in California.

As colleges continue to send their admission decisions out, seniors now have to face the most difficult decision of their lives. Out of the schools they applied and got accepted to, which school will be their new home for the next four years? The East Coast and West Coast offer different college experiences, a factor that plays a huge role in college decisions.
The East Coast offers all eight Ivy Leagues, as well as popular state schools. The Ivies are considered the most prestigious schools in the country, with acceptance rates in the single digits. The East Coast also offers liberal art schools and state schools. At this school, one of the most popular state schools is University of Maryland. Students may choose to go there to be closer to their family and because they will know other students who will also go there for familiarity.
Senior Lindsey Walter looked for schools on the East Coast. “I don’t want to be too far away. As gorgeous as the West Coast is, I want to be within a day’s drive.”

Other popular state schools include Penn State University and University of North Carolina. University of Florida has one of the most successful sports teams, with 30 trophies in NCAAs championships, including two for the basketball team, three for the football team and seven for the women’s tennis team. Private liberal arts schools such as Colby College, NYU, and Syracuse have smaller class sizes and a variety of courses. The East Coast also has major cities such as New York City, D.C. and Miami, which provide internships and opportunities for students.

Students may find the West Coast appealing and want to have a fresh start. Stanford has an acceptance rate of 4% and is considered one of the top 10 universities in the country. The Bay Area has one of the best opportunities for STEM and business. Senior Bailey Golub applied to six of the Universities of California including UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCSB, UCI, and UCSD. “I applied because of the amazing academics, warm weather, and the distance from home,” Bailey said.

She also applied to schools on the East Coast, and is looking for a big school. “I prefer schools with a lot of school spirit, big sports games during the weekends and loads of activities and clubs to be a part of.”

The West Coast also offers cool summers and warm winters, something that might be appealing to someone who spent their whole life on the East Coast. The West Coast has amazing beaches on the California coast and breathtaking mountains.

The West Coast and East Coast both have some of the best universities in the country, all of which will provide opportunities such as study abroad and degrees in practically any study. Whether it is location or the school size, these factors play into the difficult choice of committing to a school.