Inside scoop: what teachers expect throughout student essays


Sarah Greenberg

English essays are sometimes difficult to write. English teachers are here to help. Here are 10 tips to help you on your English essays, from your English teachers.English essays are sometimes difficult to write. English teachers are here to help. Here are 10 tips to help you on your English essays, from your English teachers.1. When writing your essays, it is important to give yourself plenty of time to write it. “Start immediately. When you get that assignment, start trying because if you wait to the last minute only to find out that you don’t really understand the assignment, then there is nothing that you can do,” English teacher Dominique Parker said.2. This school offers many resources to help you succeed. There are resources outside of school that are accessible as well. “Use every help resource that’s available to you: The Writing Center, teachers, trusted peers and family members like older siblings. You want to get as many eyes as you can on your paper,” Parker said.3. The writing process is one that consists of at least four steps: previewing, drafting, revising and editing. “Especially early in the writing process, take risks in your brainstorming. Brainstorming tends to be underrated. Always spend time brainstorming. Write everything down and don’t throw anything out. You never know what is going to stick,” English teacher Michael Dickel said.4. An organized essay is a good essay. “Make sure your essay is well organized and developed. Be positive that it is not repeating ideas but developing an argument,” English teacher Melissa Kaplan said.5. A writer’s work is never done. The essay can always be improved. “It’s always important to remember that the essay is never finished, it’s just due. The writer is always honing their craft. It’s due when it’s due, so sometimes you have to let it go,” Parker said.6. A good essay should start with a topic sentence that gives the reader information and your viewpoint on what they are about to read. “String on arguable thesis with clear areas of support. Make sure that what you are writing makes sense and the reader will be able to identify what you are saying,”  Kaplan said.7. Analyzing something is often mistaken with summarizing something. “Include analysis in your essays. Often students will summarize instead of analysis,” Kaplan said.8. The writing process can be long and tedious, but it is worth the result. “Work the process. The writing process is in fact a process, and you have to go through each step more than once. You can’t go through that process in a condensed time frame,” Parker said.9. To expand your writing skill, don’t just limit yourself to what you write in school. Expand your horizons. “Do not let your essay be the only time that you write. Find a creative outlet such as blog posts or write for the school newspaper. It will end up helping you in the long run,” Dickel said.10. Be sure to pace yourself when writing. You will not be able to produce your best work if you cram all of the writing into a small timeframe. “Take your time to read, think and participate in class discussions and that in will help you when writing your essays,” Dickel said.

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