Springing back into varsity girls’ lacrosse


Photo courtesy @wootton_glax Instagram

The girls’ varsity lacrosse team celebrates their new coach on team picture day.

Lots of changes have been made to the varsity girls’ lacrosse team since last year, including a new coach, Amanda Maggio. “ I am feeling incredibly optimistic about this team,” Maggio said.
The team has begun preseason scrimmages as well as practices. Their scrimmages have been against Sidwell, Magruder, St. Andrews, and Wheaton. Tryouts for the team were in early March, and now they’re for the rest of their season. “I am super, super excited about the team this year,” senior Sofie Vinick said.

A new coach means new practice routines and new preparations for the season start. But lacrosse needs more than just skill. Conditioning and stamina are important as the sport involves lots of running. “Coach has us doing strength and conditioning during practice,” freshman Maya Bellamy said.

The team will start the official season when they play Clarksburg on Wednesday, Mar. 22 in the first home game of the season. Following that they play Whitman on March 24. This game will also take place at home. “I am feeling incredibly optimistic about this team,” Maggio said.

Throughout the start of the season the team also plans bonding activities. These are important for the team since they have a mix of students from different grades. Bonding can be dinners, or just hang outs, but they help the team get to know each other so they can play as one team. “We are super bonded already,” Vinick said.

The game of lacrosse is hard and takes a lot of speed, agility, skill and comprehension to fully understand the game. The team practices every week day when they don’t have a game. They plan tactics and continue skill and strength training. “I have been waiting so long for this season and can’t wait,” Bellamy said.

This new season is the last for seniors who have been playing for years. Starting their last season with the team and a new coach can be new and exciting, but also sad. Despite this the motivation and goals stay the same for these players. “I want to have fun and enjoy my last high school sports season,” Vinick said.

Between practice, scrimmages and conditioning, the team is ready for the season ahead. “It is important for me that each athlete knows they are a valuable asset to our team,” Maggio said.