ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Evolution of senior pranks


Charlie Eichberg

Senior year is filled with laughter and mischief, so what better way to celebrate graduation than with a prank? The tradition of senior pranks has been around as long as high school has, and although this school isn’t famous for being wild pranksters, our seniors (and teachers) have pulled some good pranks over the years.

Perhaps the most memorable prank was the work of the class of 2008. “This is one of the best that happened at Wootton, only because it was awful, was when some guys painted ‘Class of 08’ on the parking lot in huge letters. They drove over it and the paint was everywhere. It cost us $10,000 to fix,” English teacher Michelle Hanson said.

The mess made by the class of 2008 was clever, but not the most popular. “I admire the ingenuity and the effort they put into that prank, but I feel that it was grossly irresponsible,” Spanish teacher Sonia Olchyk said.

In 2015, the senior class prank also took place in the parking lot, though it did much less damage. “I remember my sister’s class all brought sleeping bags and pillows and tried to spend the night in the parking lot so cars couldn’t drive in the next morning. Administration let them sleep there, but they made them leave before 5 a.m. so it didn’t really do anything,” sophomore Leah Mietus said.

Teachers here have pulled some pranks of their own when they were seniors. “When I was in high school, the class above us stuck thousands of plastic forks in the ground all over campus. After a while we figured out that they spelled out ‘fork you’ in huge letters,” Hanson said.

Another senior prank that a teacher here pulled was a bit more mischievous. “My senior class (not me!) took live mice from the science hallway and released them during graduation. It was crazy, but I think it was very creative,” Olchyk said.

While senior pranks usually get positive attention, not all everyone is amused. “I don’t like them. I don’t believe that there should be senior pranks. My senior class didn’t do one,” Spanish teacher Viviana Cruz said.

Senior pranks have a certain science to them, and can turn out hilarious or tragic. Seniors, be careful with your pranking, but have fun.

Danielle Dupree

Staff Writer