ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Beach week preview


Geoffrey Pisarra

June 3 may seem like any other ordinary Saturday for underclassmen, but for seniors, it’s a day filled with packing and traveling. After senior exams and graduation, seniors are hitting the road and heading to Ocean City, MD, for senior beach week.

From June 3 through 10, graduates gather for sun and relaxation for one last shebang together before college. Most are staying in condos, houses, and hotels in Ocean City. “This is our last hoo-rah and I want to to spend my time with my friends and have the best week of our lives,” senior Maddie Fowler said.

For those going to Ocean City, students are excited for fun in the sun and some nightlife action. One event that Wootton students are always spotted at is the Ocean City Boardwalk. The 2.45 mile long wooden boardwalk is home to several different attractions like a big ferris wheel and arcade. “Our group’s house is right on the boardwalk. Every night we want to try and find something new to do down in Ocean City. One day is solely dedicated to the rides on the boardwalk,” senior Tara Rustum said.

Other hotspots around the beach area are the food places. Boardwalk Fries and Fractured Prune seem to be favorites. “Doughnuts in the morning and fries on the beach are all I need in life, and maybe some water too,” senior Ben Klayman said.

Another daytime activity is simply chilling on the beach. Whether it’s tanning on the sand or floating in the water, everyone will be spotted in full relaxation mode. “A wise man once said ‘Gym, Tan, Laundry,’ and that’s the motto I plan to live by for beach week,” senior Andrew Scher said.

There are also seniors going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a more quiet and peaceful week compared to the seemingly louder Bethany Beach and Ocean City. “We chose the Outer Banks because we just wanted our own experience. It may be a longer drive, but it’s worth it when you’re with a good group of friends,” senior Emma Weinstein said.

For seniors who are not going to the beach, there are other things happening around this time. Many concerts will be in town,  like Chance the Rapper (June 4 and 6), Dierks Bentley (June 9), and Miley Cyrus at Washington, DC, Pride (June 10 and 11). “While the beach is great, there aren’t a lot of chances to see some people in concert,” avid Chance fan and senior Michael Kolodin said. He will be attending the Chance concert.

Whatever they do for beach week, seniors are still being role models to the underclassmen and must set a good example for next year’s beach week trippers. “I believe that we are the picture that the next class sees and we should let them know what’s worth the money. Because of us, next year’s graduates can continue traditions that we got to do this year,” senior Manahel Zahid said.

Haley Zmuda

Staff Writer