SGA plans spring project


Photo by Jolie Graham

SGA brainstorms activities for their upcoming spring project.

For decades and decades, the SGA (Student Government Association) has done a spring project. The spring project typically involves sharing important messages to the student body. Typically, it entails interactive activities. Last year, the SGA focused on distracted and impaired driving. Students were able to look at presentations, participate in activities, and listen to announcements throughout the week regarding the project. 

For instance, students were able to wear goggles that showed the limited vision that drunkenness causes and the dangers of drunk driving. The week concluded with a mock drunk driving scene where students watched how firefighters and police officers handled the situation. “I felt that last year’s spring project was super meaningful to students and SGA did an amazing job sharing the message. I am looking forward to this year’s project a lot,” sophomore Josie Spicer said.

The 28 students of the SGA have been working on another compelling spring project to share with students centered on a theme of “Get Active/Be Involved.” The project was recently approved by school administration. Amy Buckingham, sponsor of the SGA as well as a psychology and sociology teacher, said she is thrilled that it got approved. “We [need] approval from the administration because … it can be viewed as… disruptive, costly, takes instructional time so, we need to be sure that it is justified and appropriate and does not violate any MCPS guidelines,” Buckingham said.  

The 2023 spring project of “Get Active/Be Involved” will focus on a variety of messages. It will try to encourage all of the different ways to “Get Active” and how meanings include both being physically active and being involved in your own community. 

Junior Zo Singh became a SGA member this year and is anticipating the upcoming project to be active and engaging to students. “I’m most excited for the activities we will have in the Commons, the ideas that have been brainstormed and brought up while planning have been super cool,” Singh said.

Buckingham said she believes involving yourself in the world is essential.. Likewise, she said she believes that you should be able to contribute to decisions and make your community better for yourself and others. 

Senior Maya Gottesman is co-president of SGA alongside Senior Vivek Majumdar. She has been a part of SGA since her sophomore year and is enthusiastic to share details about this year’s spring project with students. “I think this topic is important because as future leaders, it is vital for Wootton students to learn the value they have in their community and how they can contribute to it positively,” Gottesman said.