Ginny and Georgia season two takes on comedy, romance, drama


Photo courtesy Netflix

The new season of Ginny and Georgia premiered on Jan. 5, with 2.7 billion viewing minutes in the second week after the second season launched.

Season two of the comedy-drama and romance Ginny and Georgia came out on Netflix on Jan. 5. This new season consists of 10 episodes for fans to enjoy. This show stars the characters, Ginny, who is played by Antonia Gentry, and Georgia, who is played by Brianne Howey.

Season one of Ginny and Georgia was based on high school drama, and was immature compared to season two. Season one was mostly about Ginny and Georgia, a mother and daughter, who are not getting along as the 15-year-old daughter felt more mature than her mother. It was about problems with high school relationships and some unexpected parts about mental health.

Season one left fans on a big cliffhanger, which kept them on their toes and excited for the new season to come. It left off with Georgia’s secrets spilling out as Ginny and her little brother Austin run away from home.

This new season of the show seems to be controversial. Supporters of the show like the mysteries, while others find them annoying and a waste of time. Critics found the plot uncomfortable, making some viewers stop watching. “I don’t think season two was good because it was very pointless, and there was no sort of character development that I enjoyed. There also were moments that made me uncomfortable and were kind of pointless to include,” freshman Annalise Yi said.

Fans enjoy the show as it is different from all the romantic comedies and other television shows most teenagers watch. This show can be relatable to kids in high school through the challenges of mental health and ways of getting help as Ginny suffers from mental health problems in season one and gets a therapist in season two. “The second season was a lot deeper than the first and was emotional. It also brought each of the characters into a sort of deeper light,” freshman Addison Purvis said.

The show relates to kids on a deeper level because of the high school relationships. In season one Ginny has a boyfriend but has feelings for another guy. In season two the couple forms, until he breaks up with her because he is in pain, and as she is healing he does not want to worsen her with his pain. This then leads to more pain on Ginny’s part.

The season consists of unexpected but interesting events. For one, the lies that came out in the first season cause problems toward the end of the second season, which occur during Georgia’s wedding, causing her to not go through with it as her fiance doesn’t accept her differences. “There are a lot of unexpected turns, but overall it was very intriguing,” freshman Samantha Karcz said.

Overall, this show takes turns toward different genres but continues to take on a large overview of how kids’ and teenagers’ lives can differ between people not only in school but at home as well.