ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Are school start times too late?


Throughout this school’s past two years, students have had to go through multiple changes. Exams have now become what we call RQA, so the school time was pushed, 20 minutes. The main question remains; should school times start even later?

Administration staff also has an opinion on the change of school times, because it affects their schedule. They also have good ideas about how to improve the situation. “I don’t think school times should change again, the 20 minute difference didn’t really have an effect on students, because the more they push back the start times, the longer students will want to stay up to do work,” secretary Sherrie Clark said.

Even though seniors in this school won’t be affected to this new time change if it happens, some seniors still feel bad for the new students coming in and the current students. “I’m sure everyone would like to have later start times. But I think it would be better if we could start school the current time we have now and end school at 2:10. Other schools have like block schedules were they take a year long course and make it into one semester’s, so each class is about one hour and a half long but you’d only have like four classes a day. It would be a big, but effective change,”, senior Rojin Ebrahimi said.

In addition to the administration and students saying that they wouldn’t like the change of school start times, parents also have a concern about the transportation and the safety. “ I think that the only worry I would have, being a parent, would be having to drop my child off in the morning then having to go to work, because sometimes I would have to go to work early in the morning. Or if their kids are too young and they don’t want to leave them by themselves,“ parent Suzie Bock said.

Mary Hebron

Staff Writer