Gurnoor Sodhi brings sports to life one photo at a time


Photo courtesy Inayat Thukral

Junior Gurnoor Sohdi takes pictures during Senior Night for boys’ basketball on Feb. 13. Sohdi set her schedule to take pictures during each game, boys and girls, working around the court through all the chaos of the game. “Taking photos has been a challenge. It’s gotten much better with practice. People say practice makes perfect so it’s been a learning experience for me,” Sohdi said.

In the depths of the stands, a girl with an artistic eye captures the beauty found on every court and field through a lens full of passion for the game. Her work grabs the attention of students and parents; her view of sports comes alive in every photo she takes. The girl behind the camera? Junior Gurnoor Sodhi.

Sodhi combines her love of sports and her passion for photography to capture each of this school’s sporting events while juggling her life as a junior.

At the beginning of this year, Sodhi decided to debut her photography through her Instagram page “gkaurphotos.” She used her account to showcase her photography, which reflects the world of sports she views. “I love the game, and the action is so great, and what’s so satisfying is the feeling you get when you get such a great shot,” Sodhi said.

Sodhi’s passion doesn’t only include the art of photography, but the game itself, which is why she is able to take the photos she does. “I’m a big fan of sports. I’ve grown up watching sports, especially football, and I am just a big fan of sports in general. I got into photography a few years ago, and I just thought, what are some cool ways to incorporate both,” Sodhi said.

Although she’s gotten better and more comfortable, Sodhi said it is still challenging. Nonetheless, those who know her say she works hard to do what is needed. “When she sets her mind to do something, she’s on it, and she’s very persistent.” sophomore Joy Nadda said,

The start of her sports photography came from Sodhi’s friend, who introduced her to it, and she says that’s what started her passion. As she grows as a photographer, people increasingly see her talent. Senior Regin Nzang said they think her work is, “beautiful; she’s definitely one of the best photographers I know.”

Sodhi has made a significant impact through her photography, but to do that, she had to build relationships with the people and teams she photographed, which isn’t simple. “Her best quality is definitely how selfless she is. Gurnoor is always making sure everyone is having a good time whether we’re at an a capella competition or an after-school rehearsal,” Nzang said.

Regardless of her progress, her life outside of photography is challenging too. Juggling photography, school, and social life is hard, but her friends say she doesn’t fail to be a good friend. “I love that Gurnoor is an overall kind-hearted person. She’s always there if you need someone. She’s very considerate, and she’s hilarious,” junior Brielle Ruldoph said.