ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Senior picnic a hit


Senior Picnic. An event that most seniors look forward to. A time to relax and catchup with your peers. This year’s senior picnic took place at Smokey Glen Farm on May 5 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. At the picnic a DJ, food and sports like mini golf, Frisbee, volleyball and other activities were available for the student’s enjoyment.

“At first I was not really looking forward to the senior picnic, but I gave it a try and I had a much better time than I thought I would,” said senior Mack Pinto.

Students enjoyed the ability to participate in the activities and to relax with their friends. “My favorite part of the picnic was that it was so relaxed and it was fun to play volleyball and hang out with my friends,” Pinto said.

One of the traditions of senior picnic is for all of the seniors to wear gear that represents the college that they will be going to next year. “It was cool seeing where everyone is going to college because everyone wears their shirts with their colleges on it.”

Copious amounts of students were looking forward to the picnic. “I was looking forward to senior picnic and was also looking forward to seeing where everyone was going to college and catching up with my friends,” senior Walter Lyons said.

At the picnic, there were numerous food options for the students to enjoy. “They had salad, grilled chicken, fruits like watermelon, pies like apple pie, raspberry pie and grape pie,” Lyons said

Senior Planning organized the senior picnic. “I think Splanning did a great job of planning and organizing the picnic, it was a very enjoyable and memorable experience,” senior Emily Cheng said.

Each of the students had their own favorite part of the picnic. “My favorite part was taking pictures with everyone there.”

Adam Friedman

Staff Writer