Hockey and roller coasters: Mitchell Golub follows family traditions


Photo courtesy Bailey Golub

Mitchell Golub on the ice during a Patriots hockey game.

From riding roller coasters across the country to playing competitive hockey, sophomore Mitchell Golub is a person of multiple interests.

Born into a family that loves both hockey and roller coasters, Golub was always surrounded by the interests that he would soon take up. Though his family, by being New Jersey natives, always claimed the New Jersey Devils to be their favorite hockey team, Golub took a different route. Instead of the Devils being his favorite hockey team, he always liked the New York Rangers the most, with Chris Kreider being his favorite player of all time. Kreider is Golub’s favorite because when Golub first got into hockey, Kreider “was also a rookie just like me, which made me feel that I could relate to another newbie,” Golub said.

However, Golub did not limit his interest to just watching hockey. As early as fourth grade, Golub began learning how to play hockey. Golub played on his first local recreational hockey team in sixth grade, while he started playing hockey competitively during his freshman year for the Patriots’ junior varsity team. On the Patriots, Golub plays forward, an offensive position, but also acts as a backup goalkeeper if needed. So far, the hockey season has been going well for Golub as he and his team have “won two games and only lost one,” Golub said.

Though Golub has had a good season so far while playing for the Patriots, Golub’s best moment happened while playing on the other hockey team that he plays on: the Montgomery Youth Hockey Association House program (MYHA House). While playing with the MYHA House program, Golub scored “four goals in one game,” Golub said.

Golub’s continuous attempts to score many goals each game and his attempt to perfect his hockey skills ever since he was young are why senior Will Rusiecki, assistant captain of the Patriots, said that he likes how Golub is “committed to things when he has a set mind to it.”

In addition to playing and watching hockey, Golub has other far-reaching interests. Apart from being an avid listener of pop groups such as Imagine Dragons and Train, Golub also loves “riding roller coasters,” Golub said.

In regards to his love of riding roller coasters, Golub has, just like the rest of his family, not only ridden roller coasters ever since he was little, but has also counted every single roller coaster he has been on, even ranking his favorites. Though there are many roller coasters that are amazing in the 224 different roller coasters that he has ridden, Golub said that Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point is his favorite because of its “amazing airtime and intense layout.”

However, hockey still remains to be one of Golub’s most prioritized hobbies, with a goal of joining the varsity team on the horizon. Senior Ayush Kadigari, a teammate of Golub, said that Golub “always brings a positive attitude to every single game or practice, and his humor definitely makes each interaction I have with him to be great.”