Ways to defeat winter depression


Photo by Shawn Diamond

Sophomore Bianca Diamond lives her winter to the fullest while skiing at Liberty Ski Resort.

As we work our way through the months everyone loathes, it’s hard to find ways to pass the time. January, February and March consist of cold weather, intense school work and little to no time outside. For students and adults this can cause a change in moods.

One way that someone can get through the cold months is by finding a hobby that is outdoors. Getting involved with an activity you like is key to passing time through a rough season. An activity that is most popular in the winter is skiing/snowboarding. There are local mountains where people can ski/snowboard such as Liberty, Whitetail, Deep Creek and Snowshoe. Sophomore Bianca Diamond went skiing over winter break. Diamond said, “I can’t stand the cold, but skiing is my absolute favorite thing to do in the winter. I look forward to it every year and it helps me find a way to enjoy the cold.”

Since not everyone wants to venture in an extreme sport in the cold, another activity people can participate in is having a movie night. There are great movies that have recently been released such as Top Gun Maverick and Avatar 2. Being with family and friends is a great release to cozy up and be warm. Senior Matthew Serrano said, “Every Friday my whole family gets together and we watch a family movie and eat dinner together. I love it because in the winter I feel like my family is more together as opposed to the summer when everyone is out and about doing their own thing.”

It seems that it is common that families are more connected during the winter due to the fact that no one wants to be outside. It is advised to take advantage of the family time you receive. Diamond said, “With my siblings home from college it’s really nice that I get to do certain activities that I usually wouldn’t get to do with them. Aside from skiing we also watched movies and played board games. My favorite game to play is Monopoly.”

Though it hasn’t snowed yet this season, when it does happen to snow there are activities that come with it. Junior Daniel Son said, “I can’t wait to make a snowman with Zo Singh when it snows. I also am looking forward to sledding down the Frost Hill.”

In response to Son’s excitement, Singh said, “I too can’t wait to build a snowman with Daniel Son.”

Despite the winter being long, cold and dark, there are great ways to beat the season and figure out how to spend your time to the fullest.