Argentina wins World Cup held in Qatar


Photo by Danielle Ram

Senior Hope Safai shows off her Messi jersey after Argentina wins the World Cup.

The World Cup is a global soccer tournament that brings people and countries together to celebrate and cheer for their country. Every four years the tournament is held in a new location around the world. The 2022 World Cup matches were held in Qatar, a country in the Middle East. Despite the warm weather and cultured environment in Qatar, there has been controversy during the World Cup games regarding this location.

At the start of the World Cup, people were concerned about the death of migrant workers, the abuse of human rights, and the bribery Qatar was involved in. According to, 6,500 migrant workers died due to work done on projects related to the tournament such as the construction of stadiums. Workers lived in cells with just a blanket and pillow and a mattress riddled with bed bugs.
Qatar also has regulations with legal issues while being in the country. If a worker did not have their permit renewed or reactivated they would be deported. Workers also endured physical labor for long hours in Qatar’s extreme heat.

Another concern with Qatar is they are strongly against LGBTQ+ rights and civil liberties. Same-sex relationships are illegal in Qatar and can lead up to three years of jail time. also said, Qatar claims all are welcome at the World Cup though there are soccer fans who are part of the LGBTQ+ community who are staying away.

Another concern with the World Cup being held in Qatar is that alcohol is illegal, therefore no alcoholic beverages are being sold in stadiums. Budweiser, a major company that sells beer and was planning on sponsoring the World Cup, was shut down due to the alcoholic beverages being banned in Qatar.

The World Cup happened regardless of the controversy surrounding it. Sophomore Bianca Diamond said, “I dont think it’s fair how the workers were being treated, especially on top of all the work they were already doing. It’s awful being treated like you’re worth less than you are when you are doing something for other people.”

The United States has different laws than Qatar, including possession of alcohol and basic human rights. Fans coming from other countries may have had a hard time adjusting to the rules in Qatar. It is common in America for viewers of a sports match to enjoy a beer or an alcoholic beverage while watching the game. Due to Qatar’s no alcohol policy, fans weren’t allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Senior Karen Potts said, “I think it stinks that fans coming to watch the World Cup weren’t allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage as they would be allowed to in other countries. I think a lot of fans had to accept the rules there but probably overall didn’t care because they were at the World Cup.”