Movies of 2022: some good, some bad, some horrible


Photo by Sean Snyder

Senior Karen Potts watches the trailer for the movie “Amsterdam.”

A place where people go to escape reality, watch their favorite actors perform, see their treasured franchises or just be with friends, the movies are a popular way that people choose to spend their time. Movie staff such as the actors, directors and screenwriters spend hundreds of hours perfecting their pieces in the movie to make the best film possible. This hard work produces amazing results that captivate audiences on a global scale. Unfortunately, this hard work can also lead to disaster if the movie does not meet expectations. With this idea, let’s turn to the worst movies of 2022.

The first movie on this list is “Good Mourning,” starring Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun, a film about a movie star who must decide between getting a role or finding the love of his life. But what makes this movie bad? Filled with distasteful and childish jokes, a poorly written script and garbage acting, this movie has little going for it. On top of that, starring, writing and directing a movie is a bad idea for any writer. Unfortunately, MGK being none of these adds on to this horrible idea. These facts kick off our list with the worst movie of 2022 being an utter disappointment to the film community.

The next movie is action/thriller movie “Blacklight,” starring Liam Nelson. This movie is about Travis Block, a government agent who specializes in taking out operatives. Block discovers a conspiracy that goes up to the highest echelons of power and must fight for his life to survive. Having high expectations for this movie, I was disappointed to find it was filled with bland characters, a severe lack of tension, shoddy and dimly lit action sequences and a hackneyed plot. For these reasons, I must put it second for the worst movies of 2022.

The third movie on this list is “Amsterdam,” starring major celebrities such as Margo Robbie, Christian Bale and Taylor Swift. With all of these stars, the movie must be at least tolerable, but unfortunately, this is not the case. This movie is about three friends who witnessed a murder and are framed for it. This movie has a variety of things going wrong for it, with no idea what story it wants to tell and with every part conflicting with the one before it, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.

The last movie on this list is “The Bubble,” starring actors such as John Cena and Iris Apatow, in which a crew of a blockbuster action franchise attempt to shoot a sequel while quarantining at a posh hotel. With a relevant topic such as quarantining, I would like to have given this movie some praise but was I wrong. “The Bubble” is not good at all, nor is it even mildly enjoyable. It is way too long of a movie with a series of unfunny jokes and forgettable characters stuck together by a sub-par plot. This combination of poor quality movie aspects leads “The Bubble” to the fourth spot on this list.

Movies, most of the time, provide joy as they are a great way to spend time. Unfortunately, some movies don’t go as planned and catastrophically fail as these movies have, which is why they are among the worst movies of 2022.