‘My Policeman’:1950s themed movie shows heartbreak on big screen


Photo by Lea Weinstein

Bethan Roberts’ “My Policeman” hit theatres on Oct. 21. It starred David Dawson, Harry Styles and Emma Corrin.

The romance movie “My Policeman” has made its way to Prime Video after a year-long wait. The movie, starring Harry Styles, David Dawson, Emma Corrin, Linus Roache, Rupert Everett and Gina McKee, premiered Oct.21 in select theaters before finally going to Amazon pPrime in early November.

The movie is set in Brighton, England, during the 1950s and follows the lives of young Patrick Hazelwood (Dawson), Tom Burgess (Styles) and Marion (Corrin). The movie jumps back and forth from the younger character’s point of view to the characters years later as they reflect on their past actions.

During this time period, being a homosexual was illegal. Both male leads show the struggle of two men trying to hide a relationship and living in fear throughout the film.

Although the movie was directed and executed well, some parts were confusing. It takes a while to understand the jump back and forth from the past to the current. The older versions of the characters were never really introduced, and never gave background or information on what was happening.

The main plot is a hidden relationship between the two main male leads. The female lead finds out and does her best to sabotage the relationship. Although it seems realistic, the character Marion is unlikeable. People in theaters had vocal reactions to her actions throughout the movie.

The story doesn’t include side characters apart from one, a character whose name is never fully revealed, but someone who works with the main character Marion. l. Throughout the film, her character could sense the relationship between Tom and Patrick, hinting to Marion what was happening.

Throughout the movie, you see interactions between Tom Patrick and Marion, as well as a marriage to Gwinnett View, whose point of view hints at the fact that she thought Patrick liked her. Now the timing of different parts of the movie gets a little confusing because it jumps around from different points of view at different times. This caused the storyline to get messed up, seeing as it was hard to determine which point of view we were watching.

OverallI. The movie takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and connects you with each one of the characters in a different way. You get to see the highs and lows of each character’s life and their thoughts and feelings about their situation. The movie is simply heartbreaking and I would definitely recommend it.