Shutting down the rumor mill: Woottonettes are here to stay


Photo by Matthew Serrano

The Woottonettes perform at the homecoming pep rally on Sept. 16, hyping up students and staff.

“You know the Woottonettes are getting canceled,” my brother texted me during lunch on Oct. 18. As I told the friends I was sitting with, we were all in immediate disbelief. It seemed incomprehensible that a widely loved tradition could be in danger. Allegedly, leadership here at school was trying to force the Woottonettes to disband and prevent them from performing at future school events. Why would a harmless and entertaining school tradition come to an end?

The Woottonettes are our school’s informal male dance team. There are boys from every grade on the team, which is led by seniors. The team performs at school events, including pep rallies and POTH. Administration is almost entirely new this year, due to staff members leaving after last year. Since there are teachers and administrators in their first year, it would make sense that they don’t recognize the importance of the Woottonettes.

However, students say they would be sad to see them go. “Pep rallies would definitely be different without them because they are going to consistently make people laugh and give them something to look forward to,” sophomore and Woottonette Noah Friedman said.

This is not the first time the Woottonettes have been in danger. In 2017, administration was also attempting to shut down the club, citing clothing and inappropriate dance moves as possible reasons. While the Woottonettes have had an unsteady past, one thing that has remained constant is the school spirit they inspire. “I don’t think admin[istration] should get rid of them because they bring spirit to a school that often lacks it,” Friedman said.

Members of poms or cheer choreograph and help the boys with their performance. This year, the Woottonette’s first performance was at the Homecoming pep rally. “The Woottonettes were a nice addition to the first pep rally of the year,” sophomore and pom Madeline Eig said.

Male dance teams are fairly widespread within Montgomery County. Churchill, B-CC, and RM all have some form of ‘boms,’ or boy poms. This tradition is widespread for a reason: Students around the county enjoy what these teams provide and add to the school’s environment.

It’s clear to see that the Woottonettes form a large part of Wootton’s culture and traditions. If they are to be removed, it will mark a sad loss of custom students here at school value. Pep rallies will be missing the always slightly-frenzied but always enjoyable performance and POTH will lack a perpetually entertaining act.
However, there is no need to worry. Principal Douglas Nelson has confirmed there are no current plans to change the Woottonettes. “I do not have any plans to disband this group…I’m also encouraged that students are producing some new ideas for performances,” Nelson said.