7 best fall seasonal items to buy at Trader Joes


Photo by Ben Cohen

A large display at Trader Joe’s in Traville Square offers their Thanksgiving stuffing.

Every season at Trader Joe’s is delicious, but there’s something about fall that hits differently. There’s nothing like the comfort of a pumpkin spice latte on a cold autumn day to warm you up. And of course, Trader Joes has a wide selection of new and interesting foods to eat. Here are the top 7:

Pumpkin pie
A fall classic: pumpkin pie, and Trader Joes does it perfectly. On top of the pie, they put a mix of sweet bread crumbs with cinnamon to give it some extra fall flavor. “Their pumpkin pie slaps … what I do is I get the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie and then I put whipped cream on top,” senior Matthew Serrano said. “I also highly recommend the sparkling fruit drink.”
Caramel apple mochi

For those of you who don’t know, mochi is a sweet Japanese rice cake with a filling of your choice. For the fall season, Trader Joes released a caramel apple flavored mochi, and they are amazing. “My favorite [seasonal item at Trader Joe’s] is the pumpkin ice cream,” Trader Joe’s employee Ahmadu Kane said. “When you take them out of the freezer, you can just pop them in your mouth and they melt in your mouth,” Kane said.

Pumpkin bread
Pumpkin bread is another common fall favorite, and Trader Joe’s adds a sweet and creative twist to it. You combine the pumpkin bread mix with water and eggs, bake it according to the instructions and add frosting on top. The frosting adds a sweet flavor you never knew you needed.

Caramel apple dipping kit
This was definitely one of the most unique items I’ve ever seen at Trader Joe’s. The kit comes with six sticks, caramel, peanuts, sprinkles and marshmallows. You have to buy the apples separately. This would be a great activity to do with you friends on a rainy fall day, or just if you want caramel apples.

Pumpkin spiced hazelnut latte
When I think of fall, I think of pumpkin spiced lattes, and the hazelnut twist on the classic fall drink just hits the spot. “My favorite fall item at Trader Joe’s is the pumpkin spiced hazelnut latte. I’ve probably had like 20 so far this year,” junior Jude Gully said.

Pumpkin rolls
Trader Joe’s signature pumpkin rolls are similar to a cinnamon roll, just with pumpkin. Like famous Pillsubury cinnamon rolls, you crack open a tin container, roll up the pumpkin rolls and pop them in the oven. Then you can top the rolls with some pumpkin glaze and enjoy.

Pumpkin ravioli
This list has mostly been sweet, but the pumpkin ravioli utilizes pumpkin’s true flavor in a savory way. The shell is normal pasta, but the inside is a big delicious bite of pumpkin. You can top it with their pumpkin alfredo sauce or any sauce of your choice and enjoy.