Math teacher Jonida Kocani inspires students to enjoy what they learn


Photo by Mace Berk

Math teacher Jonida Kocani grades quizzes during her off period.

*Ring Ring* The bell rang indicating the start of eighth period. “Hello class, I am your teacher, Ms. Kocani. We will be learning geometry this year and I can assure you, it will be fun,” greeted math teacher Jonida Kocani on her first day of teaching.

Kocani teaches both honors algebra and honors geometry in her second year as a teacher. She said that her motivation for starting her teaching career is that she believes she can make a direct impact on her students’ enjoyment and ability to learn. “I have always enjoyed learning and doing math, and I think if taught the right way, students can enjoy the subject as well,” Kocani said.

Her students enjoy her as a teacher because of her patience, as well as her consistent support. Her style of teaching is inviting to students and allows them to express ideas. “I always feel welcome and I can always ask her questions, even outside of math,” sophomore Lainey Berman said.

Kocani’s way of teaching has inspired students and led them to enjoy the subject and the class. “Ms. Kocani is my favorite teacher because she always wants the best for me and her classroom is a really fun environment that always brightens my mood,” sophomore Nibras Hassan said.

There is much more to Kocani’s life outside of teaching; she always makes sure to free up time to be able to do other things she loves. Aside from her love for school, she loves to travel, play games and read. “I like going hiking, playing board games, visiting museums, and spending time with my dog, Renzo,” Kocani said

According to Kocani, she encourages her students to ask questions because she believes everyone has a different way of learning. Teaching has taught her that there is no such thing as a stupid question. “I am always interested in the thinking process behind the questions. It is this process that fascinates me,” Kocani said.

Throughout the past two years, Kocani has found her love for teaching through the personal satisfaction of a student having an “aha moment”. However, these moments are sometimes uncommon and take time to accomplish. “When an aha moment is reached, a rare authentically intense joy and relief is accomplished,” Kocani said.

Kocani has also provided opportunities for students to enjoy what they are learning. “She is the type of teacher that makes me look forward to class. I really enjoy math with her and her teaching is effective,” Berman said.

Overall, Kocani has had a beneficial impact on her students and enjoys teaching. She plans to continue because of how much she likes the thrill of educating, and how she sees herself inspiring her students. “I appreciate that students at Wootton are avid learners,” Kocani said.