Building service team keeps our school running


Photo by Elizabeth Mehler

Building service manager Anthony Murray works in his office before the school day begins.

Students might recognize the familiar faces of the building service staff working throughout the school, but not all students know their names or be are aware of the hard work they do.

The building service team is responsible for the upkeep of the entire campus, not only the inside of the school, but also the athletics fields, parking lot and sidewalks. Additionally, building service is responsible for snow and leaf removal, cleaning up after athletic events and cleaning when private organizations are using the school’s facilities.

Whenever the school is open, there are building service workers there. During the week, the school is opened by building service at 6 a.m. and closed at 11 p.m.. During the weekends, events through the school or private organizations are still taking place, and typically building service is still working. The school is sometimes open as long as from 7a.m. to 12 a.m..
Anthony Murray has been working within Montgomery County Public Schools for 23 years and has spent the last two and a half as this school’s building service manager. He describes himself as a people person and loves talking with students, who remind him of his five grandchildren. Murray also values education, and will never turn a blind eye to students hanging out in the hallway rather than going to class. “I enjoy being around young people, seeing them grow, seeing them make a difference in the world,” Murray said.

There are supposed to be 14 people on the building service staff, however due to openings and moving positions, there are currently only 11. Nonetheless, this team of 11 works extremely hard to keep the school running.
Students and staff have probably heard Darryl Washington singing while he works throughout the school. Washington has been working as a building service worker at the school for two years but he has been singing for much longer. He began singing to his daughters when they were young, who quickly became fans, and never stopped. “My favorite part of the job is to make sure the school is clean for the students to do their daily school work,” Washington said.

James Bieleu has been working at the school for a month. He is an avid sports fan and his son is the coach of Paint Branch’s varsity basketball team. “I enjoy seeing students coming to school, coming to get their education and getting their future started,” Bieleu said.

Reina Acuna has been working here as a building service worker for seven years. Throughout her career she has worked at five different schools and has found our school to be the best for her and her daughter, who attends as a student. “My favorite part of the job is to see all the kids happy,” Acuna said.

Elaine Chaue has been a building service worker here for seven years and has always done her job well and made sure to try her best. “I like to keep the school and students safe and happy,” Chaue said.

Building service assistant manager Nandana Kahvidana has been working here for one year. Kahvidana recognizes his responsibility to keep the school clean. “It is important to make the school a good environment for students to study,” Kahvidana said.

Building service worker Miriam Alejandro has been working here for almost four years. Alejandro cleans the hallways and enjoys helping the students. “I appreciate when students ask the building service questions,” Alejandro said.

David Rodriguez has been working on the building service team for a month and a half. Rodriguez is a military veteran and said he enjoys working as a team with other building service staff. “I have 17 years of experience in the military, Air Force and Army, so if students need any advice before making a career decision they can talk to me,” Rodriguez said.

The building service team is made up of kind-hearted individuals who work hard to keep the building running, all agreeing that students are what motivate them to do their job well. They deserve respect and appreciation because without them our school would not be able to function. “Seeing students in the building is the only reason I am working for MCPS. If the students were not here I would not be here,” Murray said.