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Photo by Sarah Nanos

Senior Rachel Nanos scrolls through the Wootton Affirmations Instagram during advisory.

When the students at this school are down in the dumps, Wootton Affirmations will lift their spirits with posts praying for good times that they hope will come. Wootton Affirmations strives to create funny yet relatable posts on events happening throughout the school and relevant topics and opinions that appeal to the student body.

The Instagram page Wootton Affirmations posts about topics relating to this school’s students, whether assemblies, club fairs, new rules, school games or spirit weeks. Sophomore Joy Nadda said, “The Wootton Affirmation page is very funny, it’s very original, and I think their memes are very relatable to the youth of this school.”

Wootton Affirmations takes the parts of our school lives that are less appealing to us as students and turns them into something more amusing than they would usually be. Junior Megan Reid said, “It’s a good way to find enjoyment in some less-ideal parts about school.”

The biggest struggle for the Instagram page is creating relatable posts since the school has such a large and diverse student body. Along with the topics being relatable, they have to have a humorous aspect, since that is what the page uses to reach its audience. The account’s moderator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I would really appreciate it if more students sent me ideas – my page runs on all of your opinions,” since your opinions help them gain a general understanding of what is relevant to the student body.

Despite the account’s struggle to find topics to post about, students find the page meets its goal of providing humorous yet relatable content. “It’s not targeting a certain demographic; it’s targeting everyone in the school, which kind of brings us in together as a community,” Nadda said.

The account was formed after being inspired by a different Instagram account, Churchill Affirmations. “I know who started the Churchill Affirmations page and was inspired by her. I asked her before making it, of course, and I give her all the credit for the idea,” the account moderator said.

When approaching the making of posts, Wootton Affirmations uses different tactics to attract viewers. First, the ideas are formed themselves or by followers who contribute, then the photos they find or through photos sent in, and after composing the two, we get the post seen on their page. The account moderator said they believe the best part of the page “would be the text of each post because that’s what really matters.”

The page has reached people through its content and followers and others reposting their posts on their stories. Reid said, “It’s also quick to look through the posts, so it wouldn’t take much” to check it out.

The feedback the page receives makes running the page worth it. The account moderator said their favorite part about running the page is “when [they] see how people react to [their] posts, whether by commenting or when [they] hear it around me in real life.”