Students look forward to favorite Thanksgiving foods


Photo courtesy Vira Safai

Senior Hope Safai indulges at her Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends in 2021.

Thanksgiving dinner: the meal you fast all day for. Thanksgiving comes with a large variety of foods and everyone has that favorite they’re looking forward to all year long.
Junior Daniel Son is a Thanksgiving fan and loves all parts of the day’s feast, but certain parts more than others. “I love mac and cheese on Thanksgiving because it tastes good and the cheese is so magnificent. I just love all the flavors that melt in your mouth and the warm mac and cheese noodle shape,” Son said.

Son said that sharing a favorite meal with your loved ones on Thanksgiving is important and hopes everyone gets to experience the love. Another mac and cheese lover is junior Zo Singh. “My favorite Thanksgiving dish is mac and cheese because it’s so warm and comforting and I love how there are so many different ways it can be prepared and how each family can have their own original recipe for making it,” Singh said.

However, the main course is what people look forward to most. Some families cook ham, while others cook turkey. Junior Mathew Cortes’ family prepares a honey smoked ham on Thanksgiving. “Honey smoked ham is my favorite Thanksgiving dish because it melts in my mouth and reminds me of family, which is what we celebrate on this holiday,” Cortes said.

While the main course is important, Thanksgiving desserts deserve just as much hype.“I love blondies; blondies are my favorite dessert to enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not a fan of brownies so blondies are a great alternative,” junior Matthew Repie said.

Common Thanksgiving desserts include pies and cookies. Pumpkin pie is a common favorite. “I love pie but my favorite is pumpkin pie,” senior Sophia Shad said.

It’s expected to get too full at Thanksgiving dinner. With the great amounts of food, it’s easy to overeat. “I don’t eat all day so I can eat a lot during dinner. My family makes such good food and I love to eat green beans and cranberries. The combination of the two is delectable,” senior Kaitlin Mariani said.

Thanksgiving is a time to catch up with family and friends and remind yourself to enjoy all your favorite foods.