Senior skip day: rest day for students, disruptor for teachers


Photo by Sean Snyder

On Nov. 2, students participating in senior skip day left the parking lot mostly empty.

Senior skip day, also referred to as ditch day and cut day, is a nationally recognized holiday where seniors around the country celebrate applying to colleges by not attending school. Typically held on the first of November and December, the date after the majority of college applications are due, students are able to relax and take a break after completing the most stressful part of their year.

With this free time, seniors can do what they please, with popular activities including sleeping in, hanging out with friends and having a late breakfast. Some students tend to be productive with their day and catch up on any late school work they have as a result of the rush to complete their applications. “During senior skip day, I worked on a video for my YouTube channel (@Jordan Kelly). This day made me feel relaxed as I was also able to catch up on the work I had to do as the quarter is ending soon,” senior Jordan Kelly said.

Senior skip day also affects teachers. With students not coming to school, they miss instruction and can cause teachers to get behind schedule from the curriculum as some of the students they teach will not be there. This is especially relevant for classes that contain a majority of seniors as teachers have almost no one to teach as a result of skip day. Although this lack of attendance seems mainly negative, it also can be beneficial as it allows teachers to plan lessons, grade work and relax after writing countless college recommendations. “For film, since it is a primarily senior class, I would not say it was a waste of an instruction day as we did not complete much. Is it disruptive to instruction, yes, but I do not mind it,” English teacher Melissa Kaplan said.

While most seniors skip school that day, there is still a small percentage of seniors who do attend school on skip day. Whether it is to catch up on work, talk to a teacher or just attend class, a percentage of the seniors find a reason to come to school. “I attended senior skip day so I could catch up on my math class: AP Statistics. With the quarter ending and grades being finalized, I must do everything I can to keep my grade up. Coming in that day was actually helpful as I was able to clarify some questions I had with my teacher,” senior Ethan Kuan said.

With senior skip day and the November application deadline now in the past, seniors must keep their grades up and continue to stay invested in their school work. Some individuals must also complete the remainder of their college applications for the December deadline. Senior skip day, “a rest day for all,” is a chance for seniors to relax after a stressful first quarter and pat themselves on the back for getting through the hardest part of their senior year.