Taylor Swift breaks records with new album Midnights


Photo by Katie Bowman

Senior Katie Bowman waits in a queue of thousands of people on Nov. 15 to get presale tickets for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour.

The first artist to claim all 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 at a time.

Spotify’s most streamed album in a single day.

Record breaking 575,000 vinyl albums sold in a week.

Taylor Swift’s newest album, Midnights, has exceeded all expectations of success, and has become one of the most popular and best selling albums of all time, at least according to the records she’s broken with it.

Highly anticipated by her immensely large fanbase, Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album has 13 tracks, spanning 44 minutes and eight seconds and was released at midnight on Oct. 21.
While taking all 10 spots on Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Nov. 30, Anti-Hero took the number one spot, and continues to be number one. During this time, spots 13, 14 and 15 were also occupied by songs from the Midnights album.

Personally, Anti-Hero, You’re on Your Own, Kid, Karma, and Mastermind have become my top four from the album.

Also coming in as a top track was track four, Snow on the Beach, featuring Lana Del Rey. This song caused controversy amongst fans due to Del Rey’s minimal singing role. Fans felt she was barely heard and should’ve had more lines, possibly including her own verse.

This album also led to Swift revealing her new tour, The Eras Tour, set to start in Glendale, AZ, in March 2023. As of right now, there are 52 shows in the U.S., 17 of which were recently added due to high demand. International dates haven’t been released yet.

Additionally, in typical Taylor Swift fashion, there were additional releases that appeared on the extended version: Midnights (3am Edition). This included seven extra songs that didn’t make it onto the final album. One of the fan favorites from this version is Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve. The hard copy albums being sold at Target also had additional songs included.
Taylor Swift is well known for her “Easter eggs”, which are little hints in interviews, Instagram posts, speeches, etc. Her interaction with her fanbase because of these “Easter eggs” and her actions to pull listeners in with special announcements are what makes her supporters so devoted.

For weeks leading up to the Midnights release, Swift had a series on TikTok called Midnights Mayhem With Me, where she used a bingo cage spinner with 13 balls, one for each track. She would pick one on each episode, and whatever number was drawn, she would release the name of the track. This suspense and fun activity leading up to the release was a large part of why it was so successful. Taylor swift fans love anything they can get, and this was a large gift to them.

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful musicians, male or female, and has continually been producing albums and content for the world to enjoy. Midnights, Swift’s re-recording of albums including Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version), and her last two albums Folklore and Evermore have all come out in just over the past two years. Fans cannot wait to see what more she has coming and what records she can break in the future.