Small Things Matter Club practices acts of kindness


Image courtesy Small Things Matter website

Small Things Matter Club holds their Teen Pantry at the TPSS Co-op on Oct. 19.

The Small Things Matter Club is a non-profit organization that donates food and materials to people in need.
This club was founded by sophomore co-presidents Abby Needleman and Nikki Cohen this school year. “I started this club because I wanted to help support individuals and families,” Cohen said.
According to the club description, they help students make supplies, participate in fundraisers and donate food. “I have volunteered for them in the past and felt the Small Things Matter Club would be a great addition to the clubs at Wootton,” Needleman said.

Small Things Matter is a way to contribute to the community through donations and acts of kindness. “I feel that the club is a great way to help others in our community and I am excited about the club’s future,” Needleman said.

Small Things Matters Club meets on the first and sometimes the last Thursday of the month. There are no limits to the number of people who join. “We would love as many people as we can get,” Cohen said.

Small Things Matter Club is a new addition to the school. According to Cohen, a large number of people were at their first meeting. At the first club meeting on Oct. 6, they decorated bookmarks for the Small Things Matter Literacy Program. According to Needleman, co-presidents brought materials from their homes for everyone to use. They used different materials to create meaningful bookmarks. “We cut card-stock paper and brought colored pencils and markers. We decorated the bookmarks with encouraging phrases/words and pretty designs,” Needleman said.

They are planning to have a coat drive in the near future, and after speaking with an organizer from the Small Things Matter organization, founded by Director Lana Anderson in 2017, Needleman and Cohen came up with a plan of putting a bin in front of math teacher Jonida Kocani’s room where the coats will be dropped off. According to Needleman, their organization is mostly based in Maryland, but they have a club based in New York.

Students are able to earn SSL hours through the organization. According to the Small Things Matter website, volunteers of all ages can participate through in-person or at-home activities. They volunteer and donate to people in need. According to the Small Things Matter website, they supply food for food-insecure families, the homeless, the elderly and the disabled. They not only donate materials and food but also have a literacy program. According to the Small Things Matter Website, they educate children and encourage their reading skills and reading to others. They give children new books and encourage them to read every day and they donate handcrafted items that could be done at home. According to the Small Things Matter Website, they lead crafting workshops and charity birthday parties. They have made monster stuffies, hand-painted kindness rocks, fabric paper bookmarks and graduation stoles.