SGA deems homecoming ‘success’


Photo by Mason Berk

Seniors Max Mirsky and Brooke Pitt take a picture at homecoming.

Students attended a school wide homecoming event at the school in the courtyard on Sept. 17. Homecoming is put together by the Student Government Association. They plan the dance, which includes the DJ and music, advertisement, tickets and more. Some students decided to not attend the homecoming dance but they had separate plans outside of school.

Most commonly, students will take pictures, go to the dance, then attend a dinner, then an after party. Students often attend these events in large groups, usually sizing around 20-40 students.
Senior Ryan Kunst attended the dance with his friends.“The Student Government Association did a fantastic job setting up the dance. In particular I noticed the decorations and scenery of the event. I had a great time and can remember what it all looked like as if it was yesterday. The scenery really stood out to me,” Kunst said.

Not all students ended up going to the dance. “I didn’t attend the homecoming dance. I heard this one was a lot better than the ones in the past but I did not go because I am not proud of events the school has run in my four years I’ve been here,” senior Nikhil Bakshi said.
The event planners worked hard. “Planning homecoming was without a doubt a struggle this year, mostly because of the tight timeline we had to work with in terms of homecoming being so early. Planning homecoming consists of a variety of objectives SGA has to meet, but the most important ones are setting up/decorating the venue, advertising ticket sales, hiring the DJ, providing food for guests, and so much more,” Student Government Co-President Vivek Majumdar said.

Vivek co-led SGA’s homecoming efforts. “All things considered, whether it be the ridiculously short time we had to plan homecoming, or the initial concerns regarding homecoming being a fun event for everyone due to how early it would take place, I think SGA and the Wootton student body as a whole did an incredible job in making homecoming an event most everyone would enjoy and want to spend their Saturday evening attending. While I can’t say an exact figure, from an SGA standpoint, our ticket sales from Homecoming left no doubt in our minds: it was a huge success,” Majumdar said.