Fantasy Sports Club is in full swing for NFL season


Photo by Jake Hoffman

Junior Isiah Kuiper makes his weekly NFL picks for the Fantasy Sports Club.

The Fantasy Sports Club, run by juniors Wes Greenberg, Noah Parker, and Sachin Bijlani, has meetings every Thursday to discuss sports.

The Fantasy Sports Club is held every Thursday in room 251. The club welcomes
everyone to come and join them to talk about ideas on sports. The club puts out a Google form of the schedule of NFL games happening the week they are in; club members then can take an educated guess on who they think will win. Club members also guess which football players will do well and which ones won’t do so well.

Fantasy Sports Club can be used for students to learn more about football or share
ideas. Greenberg manages the club and sets up what they do in upcoming meetings. “Students talk about their opinions on popular sporting events. It is great for students to get involved in sports,” Greenberg said.

According to Bijlani, Fantasy Sports Club is also a great place for students to meet new
people and create stronger connections. Every week a student plays a new opponent and they face each other trying to compete to get the most points. “The club is great for everyone to make stronger connections and get to know people from around the school,” Bijlani said.

Students who participate in the Fantasy Sports Club talk with each other during the club and out of school. Students need to set their lineup to make sure all their starting players are actually playing; they can also propose trades by messaging another team. “Students in the club interact well together and even get to speak with each other after school,” Parker said.

According to Bijlani, Fantasy Sports Club is good for students who don’t understand
sports to get into a sport if the students want to. “This club has many students that know a thing or two about football and can easily teach someone something,” Bijlani said.

The members of Fantasy Sports Club say they are happy participating and being active
with the club. Club member and junior Arjun Ram enjoys his time spent in the club and looks
forward to meeting with the club every week. “I really like spending my time here and it’s a great place to get rid of stress and also tell other people they are wrong,” Ram said.

According to Ram, students who are in the club aren’t directed by the co-presidents at
all. The students have the independence to think about what they want and also fully disagree
with what other students have to say. “This class gives me a lot of freedom to talk about my
sports opinions,” Ram said.

For more information about Fantasy Sports Club, students can visit the Instagram page @fantasy_sportsclub22. Students can also find Bijlani, Parker and Greenberg in the halls and ask them questions.