Should school ban popular all men’s dance team Woottonettes?


Myles Romm

The school puts on POTH and pep rallies every year to introduce the sports teams, relay important information from the SGA, and to simply have fun.
With the Woottonettes groovy twists of the hips and thrilling flips, we offer a performance you don’t want to miss. Despite recent criticism from a few staff members, Woottonettes look to keep thriving in times of trouble.
We are a great addition to school spirit and should not be stopped because it is an activity that brings the dancers together outside of school to be creative and offers a stress-free event for students and staff to watch.
After the school day, stress levels are high and most students seek free time. Once the squad of Woottonette students have been selected for the year, mandatory meetings and practices take place weekly.
These practices bring each kid together to hangout, get to know one another and learn the dance routine in unison. The choreographers, seniors Alyssa Yi and Alisha Dhalan create a fun atmosphere that allows the members to be creative and add their own input to dance routines.
Woottonette’s fundamental beliefs consist of cooperation amongst all. Without group work, the dance moves would not be as hip and hair raising as they are today. “Woottonettes should keep performing because the dances increase school spirit and bring the school together.
They are really funny and are meant to entertain and make people laugh. The team also allows guys to experience an opportunity that they typically don’t have which is dancing and performing,” Yi said.
When the time comes for pep rallies and POTH, we love to perform in front of you all. The excitement builds as you pack the stadium bleachers and teachers pour onto the field. The hype has been built and the moment is there to grab. As we take position center field and the music fades up, we hope to ignite a smile on your face. We want to be the spark to your laughter. “I look forward to watching Woottonettes perform every time because they’re enthusiastic and make us laugh,” senior Justin Nenadovic said.
The characteristics of this year’s group are by far the most exciting in history because it has created an opposition consisting of a few staff members. Complaints were filed due to the manner in which we dance and move our bodies. People may not approve of movement in the lower extremities, but that is where passion is shown while dancing.
My response to these critics is this: First, I must move my body if I want to dance in any way. Second, the wiggle of our hips back and forth is only to express passion and the evolution of dance, so please don’t be offended. Lastly, we put our own time into this and enjoy performing to make the school a happier place.
I think we all could use some happiness in this world and we try to provide that. “Woottonettes are the best part of the pep rally. The students go crazy when they perform,” senior Marissa Stoller said.
We only go through high school once and opportunities like this don’t come around often. Woottonettes should not be banned because it is a birthplace of great memories, friendships and opportunity.

Victor De Avila

Staff Writer