Beka Eado: Photographer in the frame


Photo by Tyler Buzy

Photographer and videographer Beka Eado snaps a picture during the Oct. 21 varsity football game.

Standing at a whopping 6’6” and lean 220 lbs, Beka Eado has been a trailblazer this school year, leading in all things photography, the world of soccer, and his Oromo Youth Association, always making his love for Ethiopia paramount.

Beka Eado, originates from his homeland of Ethiopia, arriving in America at age three. He has made meaningful contributions to the school and serves as a role model for his peers starting from his alma mater, Stone Mill Elementary School. His friend senior Antonio St. Hill Lyons said, “Throughout elementary school, Beka has been my GOAT since day one and I was practically raised with him.”

Beka has also shown himself as being a role model in “helping his country, it’s really important to him, it’s inspiring me to visit Ethiopia as well,” St. Hill-Lyons said.

Eado has gained county-wide recognition through his ability to capture life’s beautiful moments through the clicks of his camera. He has uploaded his work on his Instagram page @eado_edits. Originally just starting photography as a fun hobby, Eado has been “simply taking pictures for people since the age of 10,” he said, “but I didn’t actually get really into it until this past year.”

Eado has amassed a following of 166 online, who flock to his page to see the football pictures he’s uploaded. His photography has led to commissions from sports teams at Quince Orchard and Northwest. “I really appreciate all the support I’ve been getting recently, but my dreams are bigger than just one school. I plan on doing things close to music industry,” Eado said.

What students don’t see through the lens is the obstacles Eado has overcome, from perfecting his soccer skills to balancing school, work and photography. “My biggest challenge is trying to get credit for my pictures. It was really difficult because people don’t understand the amount of time and money you sacrifice,” he said.

Eado has managed to bolster his strength every school day. He reminds students, “Ninety percent of the work is just showing up.”

He also recommends the occasional nap during classes and the importance of mental health days, reminding all that “your mental health matters. Understand when you need that break,” Eado said.

Eado has grown fans of his work here. “I’ve only known him for two months, but he’s really good at what he does. He’s a really hard worker, and I’ve seen his pictures across Instagram; they’re amazing,” freshman Elani Leizerov said.

As for his next steps in terms of soccer and photography, Eado aims to “break into the music industry, go to concerts and make edits like my cousin, who is currently on tour with singer Brent Faiyaz right now, which I think is so cool.”

He is also working on perfecting his soccer skills since his main drive “is just to fulfill a childhood dream, no need for elaboration,” Eado said.