Final hit brings JV field hockey season to end


Photo courtesy @whsjvfhockey

The JV team enjoys a team breakfast before the game against Walter Johnson.

Just as fast as the season started, it’s over.

JV field hockey heard the final whistle blow during the final game of the season, with the team having a record of 5-2-2. The team was made of a mix of sophomores and freshmen and was coached by Madison Swan. “My main goal for the season was to have the players truly play as a team by the end of the season,” Swan said.

Throughout the season the team worked hard to achieve their goals: Not just scoring and winning games, but actually learning and understanding the sport. “My main goal for the season was just to improve as a team in games, which I saw so much and am so proud of everyone who worked so hard and put in the effort,” sophomore captain Paige Euler said.

The team faced some experienced teams including Churchill, Whitman, and BCC “We had some challenging games throughout the season and I was so proud of the team’s perseverance,” Swan said.

The team was able to work well together and improved during the season. Throughout the games, the players were able to communicate and execute new plays which resulted in goals being scored. Give-and-go plays seemed to be a common but successful play used in every game. “Many of us had never played field hockey before. But we learned so much together and we’re able to win games against experienced teams,” sophomore McKenna Kupersmith said.

Being on a sports team is about more than just sports. It can be about friendships, bonding, and getting to know others. For freshman or new athletes, sports teams can be a good way to make new friends. “I enjoy how the players bond throughout the season, support one another, and encourage each other to improve,” Swan said.

The more challenging teams were Churchill, Whitman and BCC. ” We had some challenging games throughout the season, and I was so proud of the team’s perseverance. I never thought that the team ‘gave up’ mentally, even when we were down at certain points in a game. The team always kept up maximum effort and that is all I can ask for as a coach,” Swan said.

Sophomore Jenna Goldberg, sophomore Nikki Cohen, sophomore Paige Euler and sophomore Mckenna Kupersmith were pulled up to varsity. “I have been playing field hockey since sixth grade and have loved every second of it,” Euler said.