Sam Williams 5K raises money for scholarships


Allie Lowy

Students, family, and friends gathered on March 25 for the fourth annual Sam Williams Be T.R.U.E 5K on the track at 9 a.m.. Participants ran to raise money for a scholarship that will create the opportunity for students to attend leadership training and promote team building.
The race was held in honor of Sam Williams, an honor’s student, Eagle Scout, and community volunteer here. He completed his sophomore year when an accident in June 2013 took his life. “The foundation was established to share and continue Sam’s message of being Trustworthy, Responsible, Uplifting, and Enthusiastic. These traits are highlighted in the Be T.R.U.E Leadership award at Wootton High School,” according to the Sam Williams 5K blog.
The Sam Williams foundation was created in order to encourage kids to display traits such as friendliness, perseverance and leadership. “The purpose of this award is to highlight positive and inspiring character traits in youth and promote leadership training for teens,” according to the Sam Williams 5K blog.
The race was a “Family friendly event that welcomed everybody to have a great time and together as a community. I saw my friends, teammates, and teachers,” sophomore Erin Chelf said.
The event cost $20 to attend; runners received a T-shirt as well as snacks. Prizes were given out such as a GoPro set, school spirit clothing and athletic gear.
The run hosted over 330 runners and 40 volunteers as well as sponsors including PENFED, Gold’s Gym, and Kicks Karate. Runners started the race on track and continued up the parkland course for 3.2 miles. “The weather was not too hot but sunny. A lot of people showed up to run and there was a very positive energy from all those who were there. Everyone was smiling and having a good time,” Sam Williams committee member Meghan Murphy said.
Winners of the scholarship must apply prior to the race and answer a series of questions evaluating their character. The winners can choose from five different leadership programs in the Washington DC area. The programs available are the Maryland Workshop, National Student Leadership Conference, or the Rotary Leadership Conference, National young Leaders conference and the Calleva Leadership Training.

Lilly Greenberg

Staff Writer