Security team welcomes Ramos


Photo by Jolie Graham

The Security Guard uniform that all guards are required to wear during school hours.

As you walk through the halls of the school you may have seen a new adult in a navy shirt. On the back of the shirt, it says Security. The new adult is Roberto Ramos and he is the newest member of the school staff and security team. 

Ramos’ works alongside five other security guards. Like the other adults in the school building, Ramos aims to connect with students, help them feel safe, and provide a welcoming environment. You can often find him talking to a group of students or a staff member. “I am glad to see a new friendly face in the hallway and another person to help the school create a safe environment,” junior Emerson Noble said. 

 Prior to coming to this school, he worked down the street at Julius West Middle School for three years. He said he looks forward to helping students as well as working with a larger population of students.“It makes me feel safer having a new and another security guard in the building,” senior Anthony Ren said. 

Security assistants have taken on new responsibilities as their job has increased in meaning. Primarily they are there to provide a safe and welcoming environment for staff and students. In addition, they must be familiar with MCPS policies and procedures and be able to efficiently work with the school population Ramos can be seen constantly checking the hallways, helping students get on and off the buses, maintaining records of contacts and activities, and doing additional duties as needed.  “The best part of the job is helping to provide a fun and safe learning environment for students,” Ramos said.


Ramos said that in his free time he loves to go to car shows and enjoys Saturday mornings going to Katie’s Cars and Coffee. In addition to his love for cars, Ramos loves dogs. In order to prepare for the job of security assistant, Ramos needed to have done coursework in criminology, law enforcement, and other related fields. He said he is enjoying his new career. “He‘s a very friendly, kind, and helpful person. I believe he will keep our school safe,”  freshman Sris Cherukuri said. 

Ramos said he has felt welcomed by the staff members and students. “He’s a great addition to Wootton High School and Wootton is lucky to have him,” Security Team Leader Chris Pucciarelli said.