Is DonutChew the newest hotspot at Rio?


Photo by Maria Daraselia

The exterior of the newly opened DonutChew welcomes customers.

Originally from Japan but popularized in Hawaii and the U.S., mochi donuts are the perfect fusion of American donuts and Japanese mochi. With five locations in Virginia, DonutChew branched out to Maryland and has now opened their first MoCo location in the Rio Lakefront. 

DonutChew claims that their mochi donuts are completely unlike any other donuts that you would find in donut shops and bakeries. These delicious desserts are made with glutinous rice flour, which gives them a chewy and bouncy texture. Along with fun flavors, these donuts are made in a pon de ring shape, which makes them even more enjoyable to eat. 

DonutChew has 17 fun donut flavors such as Honeydew, Ube, Choco Banana, Black Sesame and Fruity Pebble. A personal favorite for sophomore Ruthiga Veerasingham is the Oreo donut. “I really like the Cream Cheese Oreo mochi donut,”  Veerasingham said. 

I decided to trust Veerasingham’s opinion and try an Oreo mochi donut but it was the Earl Grey one that caught my attention. Unlike the Earl Grey donut, the Oreo mochi donut is good but the flavor didn’t stand out to me. The Oreo donut is sprinkled with crushed up Oreo cookies and the presentation isn’t amazing. I was surprised that the Earl Grey mochi donut didn’t taste artificial and has a genuine tea flavor to it. The presentation is beautiful as the donut is adorned with dried purple flowers and powdered sugar. 

Although DonutChew is most famous for its mochi donuts, they sell 14 different croffles, which are meant to be a combination of waffles and croissants, and they come in both sweet and savory flavors. Macaroons and bubble tea are sold in the store as well.  

DonutChew doesn’t just have good food, they have a pleasant vibe to the store. The front of the store is painted a nice and welcoming light pink and displays their logo. The seating area isn’t big but if you manage to snag a seat then the seats are comfortable. “The entire store is very aesthetic, everything is color coordinated and they have these cool flower arrangements on the wall,” Veerasingham said. 

Most importantly, besides the flavor of the food, everything is clean and the customer service is great. Although the store tends to be crowded, the staff manages to get the food out in a timely manner. The light pink theme continues into the bathrooms, which are clean as well. “I went to DonutChew because one of my friends recommended it to me and the service was great along with the donuts,” sophomore Joy Nadda said. 

DonutChew has become a popular destination after its opening in June and is a superb addition to the Rio Lakefront with new and creative flavors of food and drinks as well as a comforting atmosphere that is perfect for hanging out with family or friends.