Senior Advice: A freshman’s guide to football games


Seniors Jordana Dinallo, Jess Winson, Ella Lizondo, Rae Weinstein, Olivia McCann, Dani London, Danielle Land and Gillian Berman enjoy the homecoming game against Clarksburg.

Football season is officially upon us and freshmen are being introduced to the culture and traditions of Wootton football. Games are fun but there are unspoken rules that make seniors upset when broken. So freshman, listen up and learn all the rules and tips so you can have a great time at games.

Number one: Be spirited no matter what. Unfortunately, we don’t win games often, but the only way to have fun is to get into it. Those seniors yelling at the front of the stands are trying to get everyone as hype as possible – listen to them. Being crazy and loud even when we lose makes it a better experience. Go all out for the themes: It looks silly if only some people do it. What is the harm in dressing up: everyone looks ridiculous, that’s OK.

Number two: Avoid Mr. Martel at all costs. For those of you who came from Cabin John, Martel is one of the security guards at Frost. The ex-prison guard has been coming down the hill on game days to help control the football crowd. Martel can be seen yelling at kids at the front of the stands, instructing people to keep moving, and overall, being a bit intense. Word of advice, just keep your head down and do what he says. Arguing makes him angry and gets you nowhere, in the end, you will always end up doing what he says.

Number three: don’t throw water bottles full of water. Please, it’s annoying and a waste of perfectly good water. No one wants to get all wet during a game, especially later in the season when it is 60 degrees and windy. Not to mention, security has gotten upset at people throwing things in the past, and you don’t want to get kicked out of a game and have to leave your friends; that’s no fun.

Last but not least number four: do not get seats in the front. Remember when the eighth graders were the only ones allowed to sit at the back of the bus? This is like that. Seniors get the front rows and if they see anyone else in their section, they will yell at you to move. It happened to me as a freshman and man it was scary. Don’t try to argue and say there is nowhere else to go, because there is. Everyone is squished and that’s OK. It is a great way to make new friends. I know it’s annoying to be in the back but don’t worry freshman, your time on top comes faster than you think.