Wingstop’s new chicken sandwich: hit or miss?


Photo by Chris Castelli

Senior Abraham Labban enjoys his first taste of the new Wingstop chicken sandwich.

Wingstop announced their addition of a chicken sandwich to their menu on Aug. 30 and since then I have taken it into my own hands to give the most comprehensive review. The sandwich is $7.99 and comes in any of their 12 different wing flavors with a toasted bun, pickles, drink, a dip of choice and a side of fries.

What makes the sandwich stand out is the variety of the flavors. It comes in the aforementioned 12 different flavors, which, when compared to its competitors like Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes, is drastically different. Although I haven’t tried every flavor, the consensus seems to be that the sauce rubs are better tasting than the dry rubs. “Most of the flavors I’ve had were better than I expected, but I think the side ranch and their seasoned fries really makes the sandwich come together,” senior Abraham Labban said.

Now comes the taste of the actual sandwich, which will change on a sauce-to-sauce basis and depends on the dip you choose. While the sauces are the same as the wings, the actual chicken is a tender breast that isn’t as crispy as a Popeyes sandwich but does bring a crunch with its pickles. “I think a thinner sauce would help you taste the actual chicken better, but it’s definitely a sandwich that makes you want to try all the flavors,”  junior Sebastian Valdivia said.

Another advantage Winstop has over its competitors is its sports and informal ambiance, making it an easy place to lose track of time. They also have a variety of drinks ranging from vitamin water to five different flavors of Coke, something you won’t be able to find at Chick-fil- or Popeyes locations in the area. “I always like to see college football playing on the TVs when I’m waiting for my food because it makes it feel like you’re at home watching TV,” junior Chase Williams said.  

The sandwich does have its pitfall though: the long wait that Wingstop is infamously known for. This could be due to labor shortages, but if you want a quick bite to eat then you should skip the wait for the sandwich. “I only ordered a chicken sandwich meal and it took 30 minutes to make, which is annoying and something they need to prioritize more,” Valvidia said.

The expansion of the chicken sandwich to Wingstop’s menu is not revolutionary, but it does put up a worthy fight against its competitors. The unique range of flavors and signature ranch keeps Wingstop in the talks among the best chicken sandwiches in the fast food world. “I think everybody needs to try the sandwich at least once because it really is a lot different from other fast food places that have a chicken sandwich on their menu and brings an interesting take on a classic dish,” Labban said.