Students enjoy fun, relaxing summer break


Image used with permission from Google Commons

Students report having a fun and relaxing summer break.

Summer break is a time for students to relax, have fun, and pursue their interests and hobbies. From vacations to driving practice, there were a wide variety of activities that students enjoyed throughout the summer.

Junior Evan Geinser had a busy summer from a four-week summer camp trip to Israel, then coming home to prepare for his driving test. Although he was busy, he said this was one of the most memorable and successful summers of his life. “I had a great summer even though I was super busy. The camp trip to Israel will be something I always remember and passing my driving test right before the school year gives me the freedom and independence to do activities and meet friends whenever I want,” Geinser said. 

Geinser also participated in a week-long ACT prep course in addition to practicing with tutors to help prepare for the test.  “The week-long ACT course was pretty boring but it was important so that I can do well on the ACT,” Geinser said. 

This summer was also a time for students to visit family and friends who do not live in the area. For sophomore Nathan Mulghetta, the summer gave him a chance to visit friends and family back in Toronto as he moved to the area during the middle of the last school year. “I had a pretty good time during my week and a half long vacation to Toronto catching up with some old friends and seeing family who are still there,” Mulghetta said.

Due to Mulghetta’s move mid school year, he also participated in summer classes for algebra and health to earn credits he needed for graduation. “I did not like the summer course because of all the homework I had. I had six to eight hours of work each day, which was annoying to do over the summer,” Mulghetta said. 

Junior John Wang spent his summer hanging out with friends and playing basketball competitively in different AAU tournaments across the country. Wang said this summer was one of the last summers that he could have a fun time as he believes future summers will be solely focused on college preparation and academics. “I think this summer was like the last real summer that I got to experience as a kid because junior year summer will be harder when I am doing more things to prepare myself for college and the next school year,” Wang said. 

The summer break was a time of relaxation and fun and allowed students to unwind and take a break before the challenges of another school year. Now as another school year commences, students can savor the memories of their own successful summer and the fun memories they have made.