Golf team starts season off strong


Photo by Jake Hoffman

Coach Danny Pecoraro with seniors Peter Stanton-Shepherd, Evan Lewis and Luke Danielian.

With the new addition of Coach Danny Pecoraro, senior captains Tyler Cosgrove, Colin Grange, and Kaleigh Barrow, and a couple strong incoming freshmen, the golf team is looking to make some noise this season (figuratively). 

The team had their first match at Northwest Golf Course, against Rockville, Walter Johnson and Clarksburg. The lineup for each match consisted of six players, and they each played in separate groups as they moved from hole to hole. 

The match started off a little rough, with the first two holes being extremely difficult. Cosgrove, one of the better players on the team, double bogeyed the first hole. It was a surprise to all the spectators, especially to senior Luke Danielian. “I’ve watched and played golf with Tyler for over a year now, and I have never seen that man four putt a hole in my entire life. It’s a good thing he snapped out of it as the match continued, or else that would’ve been a long nine holes,” Danielian said.

On the second hole, Grange began to struggle, as his leftward drive sailed out of bounds and he had to pay the price with a costly penalty stroke. He managed to scrap out a bogey on the hole with a terrific lag putt. 

While senior captains Cosgrove and Grange were struggling to find their rhythm, freshman superstar twins Charlton Lin and Charlize Lin were in the zone. It is quite rare and impressive for a freshman to even make the golf team, let alone be in the six- person lineup in the first match of the season. The fact that they are twins and have accomplished this makes it even more of an anomaly. 

Peccaro was in his first match of the season as coach. After the team had a rocky start, he began to settle in and get more comfortable throughout the match, as the holes got a little easier.

On top of the team’s success on the course, the Wootton Golf instagram account has recently taken off. Run by seniors Mason Berk and Tyler Cosgrove, the account has been posting funny content from practices, matches, and outside golf material. Junior Holden O’Brien was featured in a recent post, hitting his driver while standing on top of Berk’s back. The post got a lot of love, with several people liking, commenting and sharing it on Instagram. An account with thousands of followers reposted one of the posts, and it went viral. “I mean it’s not surprising to be honest, we got the best content in the game,” O’Brien said. 

Berk and Cosgrove hope this new social media phenomenon will attract more people to get involved with the golf team as they continue their season. With freshman star twins, a new great coach, and lots of time to improve, the future of the team is looking very bright.