Hulu releases must-watch comedy ‘Shoresy’

Hulu released Shoresy on May 13.

Image used with permission from Google Commons

Hulu released “Shoresy” on May 13.

On May 13, Hulu released a comical masterpiece on ice, Shoresy, a knockoff of Letterkenny, which was a hockey show first released on Youtube in 2013. 

Directed by Jacob Tierney, Shoresy stars Jared Keeso as the lovable, hilarious, and outright crazy captain of the team. Kesso does a phenomenal job in portraying Shorsey as a goofy Canadian who is a comedic genius while being an absolute crazy man when he is on the ice. 

The show tells the story of a failing Canadian triple-A hockey team who is on the verge of forfeiting its season due to a lack of winning and minimal fans. While on the brink of quitting, Shoresy shares the idea of recruiting retired and misfit hockey players in order to never lose again. 

One phenomenal aspect of the show is the in-game action. In most sports shows and movies, directors are typically not focused on creating a hyper-realistic atmosphere when the players are participating in the sports. But it is quite the contrary for Shoresy. The show is  successful in the on-ice action due to the actual actors being the ones on the ice. Usually, you would see a stunt double in place of the actor who vaguely looks like the real actor. But because of the talent of the actors, they are still able to portray their characters on the ice, leading to a play that is exciting and beneficial to the plot.

Another feature that is remarkable is the relatable comedy. Similar to shows like Saturday Night Live, or any late-night comedy, all of the jokes told are very of-the-time. The jokes are fresh because they are about brand new topics, and they are witty as well. One issue with the jokes is they are somewhat forced. When the show is advancing and telling an important story, characters will drop a vulgar joke adding nothing to the show. 

Tierney does an outstanding job developing Shoresy as a character. The way that Tierney changes Shoresy episode by episode, whether it is a slight change or a dramatic change to the character, makes him feel real. It creates the feeling that Shoresy is your own friend who you see growing as opposed to some person on the flat screen. 

Although Shoresy is the main comedian throughout the series, the side characters are also outright hilarious. The way Tierney contrasts the misfits personalities results in comedic relief from nearly every character in the show. Every character has their own unique trait that blends with the others. 

If you’re looking to binge a comedy with the family, then this show is certainly not for you. But if you’re browsing for an adult comedy that uses vulgar and obnoxious language then Shoresy is a must watch.