Billboard Music Awards celebrate artists’ accomplishments


Image used with permission from Google Commons

The Billboard Music Awards celebrated musicians across genres.

Since 1990, the Billboard Music Award show has been celebrating top artists and their accomplishments throughout the year. Finalists are based on fundamental interactions with music fans, album and digital song sales, radio airplay, streaming, touring and social engagement, each tracked by Billboard and its data partners, including Nielsen Music and Next Big Sound.

During the award show, 15 artists performed with lots of dancing and lights, lifted by cheers from the audience. The Weeknd, a popular artist who won 10 awards along with 16 nominations, stole the show. “I was so happy the Weeknd won so many awards. He had such a good year with multiple amazing songs and a great album. There was no way he was not going to win multiple awards and in my opinion, he deserved them all,”  freshman Connor Jackson said.

The awards include top artist, top new artist, top male artist, and top female artist. Those awards went respectively to the Weeknd, Pop Smoke, the Weeknd, and Taylor Swift. Along with those winners, the show awarded the best artists of different categories. “I think the people that got those awards definitely deserved them. I personally didn’t think there was any competition for the Weeknd and Taylor Swift because those are the best artists by far right now. Also, I was so happy that Drake won top rap artist because his music is the best,” sophomore Travon Moorer said.

The next category celebrated songs with awards like a top radio song, which was won by Dua Lipa for her song “Levitating,” the top-selling song won by BTS for their song “Butter,” the top streaming song won by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber for “Stay,” and top radio song artist won by Olivia Rodrigo. These awards are won by fan votes and by data illustrating how much a song has been listened to or how often it comes on the radio. This is a special award for artists because out of the infinite songs in an ever-growing music landscape, their work is recognized.  

The Billboard Music Awards are a way to celebrate all types of artists, from pop to country. The best artists are recognized for their achievements and talents. Although this award show is not given the same cultural weight as the  Grammys or Oscars, it still has amazing performances and great awards given out throughout the show. 

Fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists, which gets the fans involved and shows how supportive fans are of an artist. “The Billboard Music Awards always exposes me to new music in a fun way, every performer has a different type of style and it introduces me to new types of music I might like. Also, I love seeing the types of awards my favorite artist has won or is nominated for then I can support them by voting,” junior Josh Mirsky said.