Georgetown offers fun day trip over summer


Photo by Kelly Ren

Sophomores Lindsey Mcney and Maria Sofronas dress up to take pictures in Georgetown over spring break. “I appreciate the warm weather for letting my friends and I do things like this,” Sofronas said.

Outside downtown D.C. where it is usually crowded, there are  hidden gems in Georgetown. The vacation hotspot being so close makes it the perfect location for a day trip. 

For rising seniors, visiting a college campus is a productive option in D.C.. Georgetown University is placed right near the water as well as the shopping center and has a beautiful campus. “I visited the college to see if I am interested in going and the architecture was beautiful. I especially admired the Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart located on the main campus,” Kim said. 

Shopping in Georgetown is also a great way to get your summer wardrobe ready. The parking is almost impossible to find so it may be easier to just park farther away and walk in. 

The neighborhood’s scenery makes it a desirable place for pictures. “My friends and I dressed up and went to get brunch and take some pictures. The decorated buildings made it a great background for Instagram photos,” sophomore Lindsey McNey said

Georgetown has other activities such as escape rooms. The Escape Game D.C. is located on the shopping strip in Georgetown. There are themed rooms from mummy’s to the Titanic. You can schedule a time slot with groups of up to 10 for most rooms. 

A smaller, more intimate setting is the restaurant Lady Camellia. There are tea times you can reserve and spend a small part of the afternoon chatting with the people around you with tea and pastries. The building is decorated in pink and the furniture is exactly what you would expect from a tea party. “I went to Lady Camellia with my mom and it was a really nice experience. The cookies were amazing. The decoration made the time feel surreal and I would definitely go back with my friends,” sophomore Kelly Ren said. 

The Georgetown Flea Market is also great for just seeing even if it’s not to buy anything. They have everything from clothes to food to art and it’s a good opportunity to see new and different aspects of culture. It is open every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. 

Tudor Place is a George Washington museum in Georgetown. It was the house of George and Martha Washington’s granddaughter. You can learn a lot about George Washington and look at the gardens and architecture of the house. “I went to Tudor Place after taking my APUSH exam and it was fun to connect all the things I learned to this historical monument,” sophomore Maria Sofronas said.