Naomi Esterowitz: undefeated tennis star


Photo by JJ Shimo

Sophomore Naomi Esterowitz wins her last match for the 2022 girls’ tennis season.

Sophomore Naomi Esterowitz is an important and reliable member of the tennis team. With a whopping 18 won matches and 0 matches lost, Esterowitz holds the undefeated title for tennis. Esterowitz went 12-0 in the regular season, went 3-0 to win the singles three county tournament title, and won three doubles matches for the regional title. Esterowitz is also the newest states champion for the girls’ double match, along with partner and junior Anusha Iyer. 

Esterowitz has grown up playing tennis. She began playing when she was just three years old. “Tennis runs in the family so it was easy to get involved with it quickly,” Esterowitz said. 

Esterowitz has goals and aspirations that branch out from tennis. Esterowitz hopes to make her following seasons at this school fun, as well as try to win a state doubles again championship with Iyer. For tennis outside of school, Esterowitz said she wishes to continue playing tennis for fun. 

Something that Esterowitz does that has shaped her into the player she is today is training almost every day during both the season and off-season. Sometimes Esterowitz will train with a group called OSSA. Before games, “I try to eat enough before matches and practice staying positive so I can play my best,” Esterowitz said. 

Esterowitz’s decision to participate on the tennis team was inspired by watching her older sister have fun and meet new friends. Esterowitz hopes to continue playing tennis in the future but holds a strong desire to play college field hockey. 

Sometimes a bad match is bound to happen. Esterowitz said, “ I sometimes don’t cope well with poor matches but I’m trying to become more positive as well as try to put the matches behind me and forget about it as much as I can.” Esterowiz said, “ I really look up to my brother, senior Jacob Esterowitz. He inspires me so much with the way he plays and everything about his game. I hope someday he will teach me things I don’t know and help shape me into the amazing player he is.”

Maintaining a 4.0 GPA and participating in extracurricular activities can be a hassle. Esterowitz is involved with clubs such as SGA, Art Honors Society and Wootton Activists club. Esterowitz is also involved with club field hockey, which she attends twice a week for practices and has tournaments every other weekend. “I sometimes have trouble managing my time and handling everything I have to do can be frustrating, but I mostly try to prioritize athletics because it overall helps me perform better in school,” Esterowitz said.

Practices for the tennis team are held at Frost and consist of running a multitude of drills and playing practice matches. Overall, Esterowitz is content with her 2022 season. “I’m proud of our team for overcoming some difficult obstacles and dealing with bad sportsmanship from other schools, and I’m especially proud of our D1 commit Helen Sarikulaya for working so hard and dominating the season,” Esterowitz said.