Seniors plan to follow beach week tradition following final day of school


Photo courtesy Ian Smith

Seniors James Walsh, Nate Jacobs, Ian Smith and Brady Weiss eagerly await beach week.

Following a crazy and eventful final year of high school, the senior tradition for the graduating class is to go to the beach for a week, known as “beach week” or “sweek.” This year, several groups of seniors are making the trip over to the Maryland shore and celebrate their end to high school. Graduation for this year’s senior class is on June 14, so students are going to the beach over the next two weeks to celebrate.

The three main spots that students travel to are Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach. A large portion of the senior class has chosen to travel to Rehoboth Beach from June 4 to June 11. “We chose Rehoboth because one of the girls in our group has a house there and we also know a few other groups from the school going there this week,” senior Nicole Jezek said. 

Another hot spot for graduating seniors is Ocean City,  which is around a three-hour drive from Rockville. Throughout the week, there are a ton of fun group activities that the seniors take part in like sports on the beach, group dinners, bonfires, pool parties and so much more. “I am so excited to go to the beach with all of my friends. This is something that we have been talking about for years, and now that the time has finally come I am so stoked,” senior Brady Weiss said.

Unlike the past two years, beach week is in full swing with no Covid restrictions. Beach week is an event that underclassmen look forward to, so now that this year’s seniors finally get the chance to make the trip, it is like a dream come true for them. “Ever since middle school and even before when I saw pictures and videos of my sister and her friends at beach week, it has always been something that I have looked forward to. I get the chance to go on a trip alone with my five closest friends and celebrate all of our accomplishments over the past 18 years of our childhood,” senior Nate Jacobs said.

Following a crazy and quick four years, this is the final group event before graduation before they go off into the real world. Many seniors are choosing to attend college, but others are following other career paths. Beach week is more than just a trip to the beach for the seniors, as it is the final time that this group gets to spend together. “I am sad to leave behind all of my high school friends, but I am super excited to enter a new chapter in my life,” senior Helena Hansen said.