Senior bucket list: final day


Photo courtesy Ethan Fayne

Senior Planning is decked out in their class colors at the spring pep rally .

With the final countdown reaching zero, seniors are eager to finish up the year and graduate. But before all that, here are activities to check off on your senior bucket list and things to try to do in the next few months. For upcoming seniors, keep these items in mind to complete next year.

Take pictures at the beginning of the school year. Head to the parking lot in your tie dyed senior shirts and take pictures with friends right before the first day of school.

Attend the senior sunrise. Join your fellow seniors on the field at the beginning of the year and watch the sunrise before school to symbolize the start of the year. 

Buy a senior shirt. Buy your shirt and wear it to the class photo. After the photo, go get food and play games on the field with the rest of the grade.

Attend a pep rally. Taking it back to the beginning of the year, go all out in red, white and blue for the first pep rally. Cheer during the homecoming pep rally and have fun during the last spring pep rally. Senior Ethan Fayne loved the pep rallies. “My favorite part was doing tug-of-war against SGA with my Splanning class, and helping my team win,” Fayne said.

Participate in a spirit week. For homecoming, spring break, prom or any other spirit days, go all out. Join in on “anything but a backpack day” or wear a jersey before prom.

Go to sporting events. Did you go to a home football game and cheer on the team? Did you watch the soccer games, lacrosse games or other sporting events? Senior Emily Levine tried to attend as many sporting events as she could. “It was always so much fun to go with friends. I went to away and home games and always enjoyed watching,” Levine said. 

Attend senior picnic. Did you head to Smokey Glen Farm in your college shirt and hangout with friends, eat food and play games?

Attend prom. Did you get all dressed up and attend the city of lights themed prom? Did you dance with your friends and take pictures in D.C.? Senior Sophie Good had fun at prom. “It was so fun to see people at the actual event and at the monuments,” Good said.

Senior sunset. Go back to the field at the end of the year and watch as the sun sets, symbolizing the close of the school year.

Buy a yearbook. Did you order a yearbook for your last year, and have your classmates and teachers sign it? This is a great way to remember your senior year and fun to look back on. 

Take a photo with the countdown. For the last 80 days, there has been a countdown in the parking lot. When that number is finally zero, take a picture or just look at the countdown to remember your accomplishment. “I have been taking a picture with the countdown the last week, and can’t believe it is about to be zero,” Fayne said. 

Do something fun with friends. As it is the last week of high school, try to make the most of it and do something fun with friends, whether that is all going out for breakfast or hanging out after school. 

Reach out to people going to your college. Make new friends from all over, and try to connect with other students. Find a roommate and sign up for orientation. 

Write a letter to your future self. Now is the perfect time to write a letter to yourself, whether that is yourself in one year, or 10. Talk about where you are right now and what you hope to accomplish in the future. 

Graduate! Head down to DAR on June 14, surrounded by friends and family, and walk across the stage to receive your diploma and commemorate the last four years. Take pictures to remember the day and do something fun after.