Carter’s reflection: Saying farewell to Common Sense, reminiscing on lifetime of memories


Photo courtesy Carter Jones

Next year, Carter Jones will be attending the University of Georgia.

Looking back at life four years ago, it is clear that I have come such a long way as a person. Never did I envision the amazing work I had the privilege to take part in with Common Sense during my time at this school. An aspiration of mine for years leading up to high school was to pursue journalism and work on a school newspaper, and now I have fulfilled that dream.

I was always especially interested in writing, and having the ability to channel my inner voice while judiciously serving the truth and informing the school community has been an honor. Every article I write is a manifestation of my passion for journalism and my continual search for truth and wisdom in the world around me.

All things considered, joining Common Sense sophomore year proved a new adventure in my life, and it turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I have made in my 18 years of life. I was able to expand my worldview and form connections with our adviser and others who opened up new doors. The reluctance with which I move on from this journey is all too real. 

From my first article drafts as a novice staff writer, to the recent press days marked by diligently working to edit pages of the newsmagazine, I gained confidence in my abilities as I strove for journalistic excellence. Through these experiences, journalism has become an increasingly important cornerstone in my life. Furthermore, I view the current events of the world from different lenses due to its influence on my perspective. 

Arguably the most important lesson that has been reinforced over these last three years is that one reaps what they sow. From a staff writer, to JV sports editor and finally to managing editor, I sought out these opportunities for myself. I made a conscious effort to realize my desires. 

The resilience that this group has inspired in me is simply unparalleled. Who would have ever guessed that we would make a newsmagazine completely over Zoom from our own homes during a virtual year of high school? It simply astonishes me how malleable we were in the face of a complete shift in our functioning. 

The most impactful part of this entire experience were the friends I made along the way. With their support, I have found a network of people who share this same eagerness for truth and knowledge. I will miss those moments that I was fortunate enough to share with such a genuinely fantastic group of people. While I am shocked at where I have ended up, I cannot envision high school without being in Common Sense or getting to know those who I met through it. 

  Helping to pass along the responsibilities to the future leadership of Common Sense has been sentimental for me as it reminds me of all that I will be leaving behind. However, I am certain that they will find great success in their roles. 

In the end, I am so deeply thankful for what this group has offered me, and I am eternally happy that I decided to take a chance. I now sign off for the last time ever with a heavy heart. Thank you for everything, Common Sense.