Frisbee team works to gains recognition, looks to bring home first place trophy


Hanna Addis

With all the spring sports stirring up action, the Frisbee team is in the mix. It is similar to the ice hockey team because they are not supported by the county, so they must find their own fields and refs to play their game.
After suffering a loss to BCC, the team hopes to improve their record. “I take the games seriously, every win will establish our dominance within the county and make our team more confident,” junior Francisco Camp said.
The team roster totals 22 students, but some of the players can not make it to every game so the team is not as big as it may seem, with most players having other commitments. “We probably have around 16-17 kids a game,” junior Vijay Dey said.
Dey is one of the best players on the team averaging two blocks a game, but he is not much of a scorer. Dey’s defensive presence is what keeps the team in games. He is one of the key factors on the team’s success.
One of the best players on the team is sophomore Matvey Stepanov. Stepanov leads the team in scoring and assists every game. “I don’t really count my stats to be honest, I just play and let the rest follow,” Stepanov said.
Stepanov constantly proves himself to be the impact player every time he steps on the field. With the county tournament approaching, Stepanov only looks to become more impactful for his teammates when playoff season begins. Stepanov is only a sophomore, giving him more time to get better.
With the sport not being regulated by the schools, the rules are a bit different. Camp, for example, is a hybrid between a coach and a player. Sometimes when the coach can not make it, he steps up and shows his leadership. “I think it creates a sense of leadership, I feel the need to be a coach both on the field and off the field,” Camp said.
Camp looks to extend the team’s winning reputation by being both a team player and coaching when needed.
The team’s home turf is Big Pines Park in Travilah. So far, they have only played one game and won it. With the school not being directly connected to the team, it is the only open field around that they can use. “I like playing there because the field is where we practice so we are all used to it,” Camp said.
The state tournament was April 23, and the team looked to bring home the first place trophy.

Grant Saylor

Staff Writer