Newspaper offers fun, educational elective


Emily Yu

By taking newspaper, students can express themselves in whatever topic they choose through their writings. The class is taught by Evva Starr and begins with a one semester long training period where students learn everything from writing to editing to designing.
Students begin in the one semester Journalism 1 class where they learn everything from writing articles to editing pages to using Photoshop.
After completing the one semester course, students have the option to move directly into the newspaper as a staff writer and have the opportunity to write in any section.
Once a student has completed Journalism 1 and one semester of newspaper, they have the option to apply to be an editor of the paper in any of the 10 sections and stay on the paper all of their high school career.
Not sold yet? Here are seven reasons to take newspaper:
1. To improve one’s writing.
By joining newspaper students must write articles for each issue, which come out every 10 days. Each student is assigned an article and must go through stages of editing until it is error free and newspaper-worthy. “I have only been in newspaper for three quarters but it has caused me to become a much better writer and make fewer mistakes in my writing,” sophomore staff writer Matt Kelly said.
2. Being an editor for the newspaper looks great for colleges.
After the first semester of newspaper, students have the option to apply for editorial positions. By obtaining one of these editor positions, students have a great activity to put on college applications that looks impressive to colleges because it shows them that you are involved in the school and you are a good writer. Strong writing skills are a must no matter what career one wishes to pursue, so even if one does not want to have a career as a journalist it still looks good for other majors. “Taking newspaper was a great decision and helped me get accepted to colleges,” senior commons editor Kelly Schuler said.
3. Meet new people.
Newspaper is a great way for students to meet new people through both consulting other writers with issues and questions but also by interviewing students one doesn’t know. Students make friends with people who they would never have become friends with if it were not for newspaper. Newspaper is a mix of all grades, something you do not find in many classes, making it a more unique experience. “I am glad I took newspaper because it helped me make new friends,” senior news editor Geoff Pisarra said.
4. Voice opinions.
By being a member of newspaper, students can voice their issues for everyone to hear and actually make change instead of just keeping to themselves. A section of the newspaper is devoted directly to opinions and is used for students to let everyone know what they think. Opinion articles allow the students to hold others accountable. One can question the rules, push the boundaries and evoke thought. “I like how we can talk about any topic we want and it allows us to voice our opinions on issues,” senior opinion editor Nic Band said.
5. Improve leadership.
The newspaper is a great way to improve leadership because students are, for the most part, responsible for themselves in this class. One can go out during class and interview others, or might have to stay after school for a game and it is a great way to learn to budget one’s time Also, as an editor of the newspaper, students are in charge of staff writers, make sure they know what to do in order to thrive in the class, and make the newspaper successful.
6. It is a relaxing period to add to your schedule
If you are looking for a relaxed class to fit in between stressful classes, newspaper is a viable option. The work given in this course is minimal, there is not much homework, offering you more time for other courses.
7. Increase your school spirit
By being on the paper, writers have the opportunity to write about events such as school sports, plays and other events. When given this opportunity, students are able to participate more in events, therefore increasing their spirit.
Newspaper is a course that offers opportunities for every kind of student. Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills or looking for a less demanding course, you will find your place on the paper. If you are looking to fill it with a fun, educational elective, be sure to check out newspaper.

Dennis Child

Staff Writer