Senior picnic’s bad weather, disappointing activities not enough to ruin students’ fun


Photo courtesy Katherine Sarkisov

Seniors Mia Mikowski, Katherine Sarkisov and Keerthi Padmanabhan celebrate at the senior picnic, which took place at Smokey Glen Farm on May 6.

Despite the quite gloomy weather, seniors attended the picnic that took place at Smokey Glen Farm on May 6. With a $25 ticket fee, the picnic included catered foods from Smokey Glen Farm such as pie, chicken, rolls, salad and more.

The event had bad weather and constant rain throughout the day, which left the fields wet and muddy that students were hanging out on. Also, the high ticket fee left students expecting more bang for their buck than they ended up getting. Students expected there to be more to do but were disappointed to find out the picnic entailed not much more than just food. “I think it was missing some activities, there wasn’t much for people to do besides standing and talking,” senior Sammi Kimbis said. “However, I think that our school did a good job of putting the picnic together for us and everyone had fun.”

Students did note that the high ticket price helped lower the ticket cost for prom. “I thought it was way overpriced, but I appreciated how that lowered the prom ticket price. If the food was better and it was more organized with more things to do then I would’ve enjoyed it more,” senior Judah Kamadinata said.

Students had varying opinions on the food, however, one common consensus was that the chicken was disappointing. “I did not enjoy the food as the chicken and coleslaw were unseasoned and bland,” Kamadinata said.

Kimbis enjoyed the pie, whereas senior Katherine Sarkisiv enjoyed everything besides the chicken. “I enjoyed most of the food. The food was all really good besides the chicken,” Sarkisiv said. 

However, the students didn’t let the rainy weather and lack of activities ruin their fun. Just hanging out with friends was enough for students. “My favorite part of the picnic was hanging out with my friends. Overall, it was fun and I would do it again,” Sarkisov said.

Every senior wore a shirt of the college they will be attending next year, so seeing where everyone was going and taking pictures together was one major highlight of the event for students. “My favorite part was getting to take pictures with all my friends and see where everyone is going to college,” Kimbis said. “I had lots of fun. Even though it felt like saying goodbye to people, it was a heartwarming experience.”

Kamadinate agrees with Kimbis, and although the picnic itself was lackluster, the photos were able to save the picnic. “My favorite part of the picnic was the pictures afterwards that students organized because you want pictures with people you are friends with,” Kamadinata said. “That part made the whole picnic a fun, enjoyable experience for me.”