Newly elected SGA officers bring innovative ideas


Photo courtesy of Vivek Majumdar

The SGA celebrates after a successful spring pep rally on Apr. 29.

On May 4 and 5 students voted for their new SGA officers for the upcoming  school year. The candidates’ proposed creative ideas, such as music playing through the hallways between periods and increasing school spirit in general, giving students a tough choice for deciding who to vote for. Ultimately, rising seniors Vivek Majumdar and Maya Gottesman were elected as  co-presidents, rising junior Rhea Chelar as secretary and rising junior Naomi Esterowitz as treasurer. 

Majumdar, who has been a SGA member since his sophomore year, will be one of the co-presidents and will focus on increasing the student power in SGA’s decisions. He hopes to emphasize student participation by sending out newsletters highlighting what SGA is doing, and making Google forms where students can voice their concerns or suggestions. “I’m excited to make sure students’ opinions are heard in the events we plan and be transparent with what we are working on. I think many students are not fully aware of all the hard work that goes into these projects and couldn’t really explain what the SGA really contributes to the school, which is something I want to change,” Majumdar said.

Gottesman, who is currently a junior officer and the executive council vice president for SGA, will be sharing president responsibilities alongside Majumdar. Gottesman hopes to focus on increasing school spirit and SGA’s involvement within the community. “I look forward to implementing more fundraising and philanthropic endeavors for the Wootton community to give back while bringing our school closer together,” Gottesman said.

Chelar will be secretary and Esterowitz will be treasurer. Although both are current sophomores, they have their priorities for their respective positions straight. “I hope to keep the student body’s money organized and allocate the funds towards the most sustainable materials we can get,” Esterowitz said.

SGA works on various events throughout the school year, such as homecoming, pep rallies, spirit weeks and a spring project. They also communicate with administration about students’ concerns and what they can do to improve the school as a whole. “Although I don’t always know what the SGA does, I’m thankful for the strong SGA we have here and I’m excited to see what new events will be introduced next year,” sophomore Matthew Repie said.

SGA’s main event this year was their spring project on distracted driving, where they educated students on the consequences of distracted driving and how to refrain from it. The project included a week full of interactive activities, displays and a realistic skit. “The project took countless hours to produce and I hope next year we can do something that is just as educational and impactful on students’ perspectives,” Majumdar said.